Headline: The Latest from Microsoft: Windows 365


If your business has had to make a move to more remote and home-base work in the last year or two, you will want to keep on reading.

Microsoft has just announced their latest remote desktop experience – Windows 365. The newest release will be ready on the 2nd of August this year and was built with the changes and adaptions we’ve all had to make recently in mind. This means that Windows 365 has a particular focus on allowing its users to access a virtual Windows desktop from virtually any device they choose.

If you are a business owner, you probably have quite a few different kinds of PC models, makes, and devices that your teams are using at the moment. You might think that there’s no way around the issue of having them all work collaboratively and in the same applications, but you’d be wrong – this is exactly what Windows 365 allows them to do. This means that your design department with their Mac Book Airs, your finance team with their Lenovo Pro laptops, and the sales teams who prefer everything to be done on their iPhone or Android device will be able to collaborate more efficiently, and they’ll be super happy to know they can do so on any device they please.

One of the key features of Windows 365 is its “instant-on” capabilities. This means that no matter the device, whenever you log on and use your Windows sign-in, your applications that you were working with will all be readily available and reloaded the next time you open your device. Basically, you’ll be able to switch from you Mac to an Android phone, then to a Chromebook and have your desktop and data stay consistent between all of these devices.

How great does that sound?

With the idea of remote or hybrid work becoming the norm, it is only fair for companies to make use of platforms that allow their teams the freedom to work in the most comfortable way possible while still supporting the collaboration aspects of working together and the effectiveness of getting tasks done.

As a world-class provider of IT Support London companies have been entrusting their IT Infrastructure too, TechQuarters can vouch for the benefits of a cloud-based desktop application. The benefits are outstanding and will end up saving your business a lot of money and time. When it launches in August, be sure to check it out! There are just so many ways in which it will benefit businesses – both big and small – in terms of streamlining and making the end user’s experience so much more enjoyable.


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