The Best Promotional Items for Summer


Owning a business involves a lot of work, and many facets, of which one of the most crucial elements is marketing. And, when it comes to marketing, offering promotional products is one of the tried-and-true approaches to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

With the weather getting warmer and more people going outside, it’s a smart time to find the best seasonal promotional products. Ensure you choose items that are appropriate for hot weather yet serve a meaningful purpose.

If you struggle to find the best promotional items for summertime, here are some customer favorites, new products, and essential summer marketing ideas.

1) Backpacks

It’s summer, and people are excited to get outdoors and travel again. So, backpacks will likely get more use this summer. Choose the right backpack print design with customizable features, and ensure it fits your customers’ needs and style. Such considerations include a zippered main compartment, wider webbing backpack straps, a laptop sleeve, and other pockets for easy access to power cords and accessories to appeal to your customers.

You can even embroider the backpack with your company logo to create a buzz. What’s more, being convenient, practical, and durable, branded backpacks nurture positive associations for your brand.

2) Water Bottles

During the summer, dehydration is prevalent and refreshing sips of cold drinks are a must. Both useful and convenient, you can promote hydration during the upcoming hot months and keep your customers fully hydrated with custom water bottles.

Consider giving away metal water bottles as they not only keep your water cool but also reduce plastic waste, giving your company an eco-conscious angle. According to research, consumers like brands with eco-conscious ideology. Hence, by offering metal water bottles, you increase your chances of appealing to customers. What’s more, being sturdy, they last not only during summer but all year round.

3) Flip-Flops

Giving an airy treat to your customers’ feet this summer can be a great and unique promotional option, especially if your client demographic is on the younger side. Customize the flip-flops with your brand name or logo according to your business promotional needs and hand them out to your customers. As your customers wear them, they will constantly be reminded of your brand while also promoting your business.

Well-designed promotional flip-flops are an attention-grabber for summer activities and make a useful promotional product in various other events and occasions. Furthermore, you can tap into the eco-friendly trend by getting flip-flops made from recyclable materials.

4) Beach Towels

Going to the beach or pool is inevitable during the summer, meaning towels are constantly in use. For this reason, beach towels make a great promotional item. They give you so much space to use for branding and designing something enjoyable, too.

People click a lot of photos at the beach, and beach towels often end up in these photos, which means free publicity for your brand on social media and wherever they are shared. What’s more, available in different colors, sizes, and styles, beach towels are relatively cheap, handy, and super summery.

5) Sunglasses

Sun protection is vital as people spend a lot of time outdoors in summer, which makes sunglasses one of the most classic promotional items. Alongside blocking the sun, promotional sunglasses can also help people look stylish and classy as they roam around the beach, town, pool, or anywhere.

While sunglasses are available in various colors and styles, ensure you go for a pair that follows the latest trends. This way, you can be sure your customers will actually keep and wear them.

Additionally, like the other summer promotional products, sunglasses can also be imprinted in numerous ways. For instance, you can print your organization’s logo on the arms or lenses, so you know others will see it throughout the summer.

Also, when offering promo sunglasses, ensure it provides 100 percent protection from UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) sun rays.

Choosing the Right Promotional Items for Summer

Summer is ideal for promotion because everyone will be outdoors enjoying festivals, pool parties, beaches, and other outdoor events. And all these outdoor activities offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their services and products, bagging maximum exposure.

While you should definitely take advantage of this time, figuring out the right summer promotional items can indeed be a battle for a successful campaign. Nevertheless, by considering the items’ relevance, practical value, and your brand positioning, you can successfully narrow down on a single option that will help develop customer loyalty and promote brand awareness.


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