How to Leverage EDDM Marketing for a Small Business


Marketing is essential for small businesses. The cost of doing business can only be maintained with an influx of new customers and a steady stream of repeat business. Without this cash flow, the fiscal challenges of expansion, new hires, customer service logistics, and problematic tax burdens can quickly erode your profits.

Nevertheless, many business owners procrastinate marketing because they incorrectly assume that cost will exceed their budget. Many remain unaware of services such as EDDM which can grow their business at a fraction of the cost of other advertising. Today, we need to take a closer look at EDDM. We want to look at how it increases and maintains visibility to precisely target market segments. We also want to look at how affordable it is for any business, regardless of size, to immediately implement.

What is EDDM Marketing

EDDM is an abbreviation for “Every Door Direct Mail.” It is a marketing service provided by the United States Postal Service. Businesses who have used this service have experienced impressive results. They have successfully gained the attention of targeted customers in specific areas, and the response rate has delivered returns on investment much higher than more expensive forms of advertising. If you´re looking to start this type of campaign, you can benefit from MyCreativeShop´s EDDM guide to launch direct mail campaigns to targeted local neighborhoods and increase your brand’s awareness.

How Does EDDM Marketing Work?

You do not need a mail list to use EDDM marketing Because the US Postal Service knows every address in the country, you can utilize EDDM to send mailers to every home, apartment, office suite, or public building in select, targeted mail routes. You do not need to know the names of the individuals or businesses to whom you send the mailers. EDDM will deliver your brand, and your message, straight to the door of every possible customer in the area.

What Can You Send Through EDDM Marketing?

With small business marketing firms such as Catdi Printing, you can send postcards, flyers, or brochures to targeted customers. The USPS allows businesses to partner with local marketers like Catdi who will create and distribute the mail pieces through their business USPS account.

Who Can Use EDDM Marketing?

Virtually any business can use EDDM. Retailers, restaurants, coffee houses, plumbers, electricians, health care facilities, and financial services have all obtained new customers through direct mail marketing.

How to Leverage the Power of EDDM marketing?

The US Postal service charges a flat fee for a specific number of flat mailers. Postcards often generate the highest response rate. Direct mail professionals such as Carlos de Santos at Catdi Printing recommend keeping the postcard value statement“ short and to the point.” A concise value statement is more likely to embed itself in the mind of the recipient. It is better to make a clear statement and invite customers to visit the location, look up the website, or call for more information.

The EDDM program costs as little as $.185 per mailout. Provided the piece fits the flat mail criteria, a small company can use any design or message to gain the attention of recipients. Colourful, eye-catching flyers and postcards can include coupons, announce sales, promote special offers, and even show a map to the business location. The most important thing is to integrate a strong, time-sensitive Call-to-Action that motivates the reader to respond.

Tips for Creating Great EDDM Campaigns

You can use online printing platforms or partner with a local direct mail marketing printer. Either way, remember the following guidelines to maximize your campaign’s effectiveness:

  • Send a large mailer that will instantly stand out and get attention.
  • Unique visual elements will instantly rivet attention. Elements such as high gloss UV coatings, embossing, soft-touch coating, and foil stamping are sure to be noticed over plain print on newspaper or envelopes. The more visual impact your piece has, the more recipients will notice your Call-to-Action.
  • Include a large headline that captures attention.
  • Any piece of mail has only seconds to deliver its message. Make these seconds count in your favour. Have a headline designed that will generate curiosity and motivate the recipient to read the entire mailer.
  • Create a graphically rich piece with a conservative “less is more” approach to words. When possible, use photographs, illustrations, infographics, or symbols to communicate your value statement and make your brand stand out.
  • If you work with a print shop, you can also incorporate interactive elements such as scratch off boxes that will increase recipient responsiveness.
  • Choose a single, simple Call-to-Action. You may want them to call a specific number that will allow you to track responses. You may want them to visit your location during specific hours or come by on a specific day. Some businesses want recipients to respond online and prominently display a URL or QR code for recipients to follow. Whatever you choose, choose only one response and make it a single step that is easy to follow.

The low cost of EDDM makes this service affordable to any business of any size. The simplicity of its principles makes it one of the easiest marketing tools business owners can use to drum up new and repeat business. The right mailer will stand out far more than emails, texts, or online pop-ups, and it will bring higher returns.


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