How to Search For a Person With the Only Name?


There can be several times when you may be searching for an old friend with whom you no longer have contacts now. There are also several times when you may be trying to search for a person about whom you have a little information.

Of course, searching for a person is no more difficult in the current social media world. But you can only search for the person if he or she is using a particular social media platform. Several people may have their profile with some other creative name. It can get challenging to search for them in this situation too.

How to search for a person with the only name?

When you have tried social media and have failed to find the person, you will require a people search engine. One of the best options in this category is Radaris that is a free people search engine.

You can search for the person with the name and come across the exact person you were looking for. You can come up with several details such as the phone number, social media handles, address, and many others so that you can contact him or her immediately.

But searching for a single person from a list of numerous people is not possible always. Hence, you can try out several ways to search for the right person on the search engine.

Try Full Name:

If you know the person’s full name, try to search by using the full name. When you are using just the first name, you may get many people with the same name. But when you are using the last name and the first name, the search narrows down. The list of people is cut short, and it gets much convenient for you to search for the right person from the list.

Try with a Location:

Many names are pretty common in usage, even when you are using the last name. In such a situation, you may still have a massive list of names displayed in front of you, among which you need to come up with the right person. In such a case, another trick you can try out is to use a particular location. You can use any location detail that you remember, such as the city name, the State name, or even the pin code in which the person may be residing. When you search person by name and place, the results coming up are much lesser from which you can quickly come up with the right person.

Check Details:

Now, there can be several times when you search person by name and place; you can come up with several results in front of you. So, you cannot be calling any random person on his her phone number. Hence, here you need to do an eminent task. All you can do is start searching from the top and check for personal details.

  • You can check the person’s family members if you know a few of them by their names.
  • You can check the person’s education if you went to the same school or college with the person once.
  • You can check other details such as their past office that you were aware of and others.

Checking through these personal, educational, and professional details can help you get across the right person. Once you are sure that it is the same person you have been searching for, you can get the contact details and get in touch with them.

Getting across the right person can become convenient and easy if you search for them on the right platform. Radaris is one such people search engine where you can search for different people with whom you do not have any contact. Please make use of different techniques and come across your old friends and others and get their details to get in touch with them once again.


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