Why Studying Business Admin Gives You So Many Options


Business administration is one of the most popular courses among successive generations of students, both at degree and master’s level. There are many reasons for this, both in terms of the experience of the course itself and the options open to graduates upon completion. In fact, the skills learned on a business administration course are eminently transferable and remain in high demand as other, more specialist disciplines become redundant or drop out of fashion.

Crossing Disciplines

People come to study business administration from a wide range of different professional and academic backgrounds, and they go on to work in a similarly wide range of employment sectors. Anyone can take a Master’s in Business Administration online thanks to Kettering University’s global program, in order to greatly improve their employability in multiple disciplines and also to raise the level of salary they can expect to receive.

Transferable Skills

By studying business administration, you will learn how to understand organizational behavior and structure. You’ll master analytical and critical thinking, as well as logical problem-solving and decision-making. Developing excellent communication skills is at the heart of business admin, alongside the ability to effectively research, interpret and utilize data. A business admin graduate will be self-reliant and able to work on their own initiative, with a good grasp of economics and time management. All of these qualities are much sought after in almost any career you can think of.

Beyond Business

A business administration qualification doesn’t just prepare you for what is traditionally thought of as a business career. Certainly, if you want to work in retail management, sales, manufacturing, real estate or engineering, then studying business admin will massively improve your prospects and the range of roles you can go for. However, business graduates also go on to work in the public sector, in healthcare, education and the media. Studying business equips you to go into law, banking or the non-profit sector, among many other areas.

Choose Your Specialization

You can typically take a number of specialist modules alongside the core business admin studies on an MBA course. This allows you to tailor your education towards the kind of career you have in mind. Alternately, you can use your business admin qualification to go on to further study. If you’re not sure yet what kind of career you want, an MBA is ideal for opening doors to some of the most in-demand jobs for recent graduates.

A Wide World

Typical well-paid jobs that an MBA can open a door to include operations manager, HR director, advertising executive, finances controller and market research analyst. However, this list is far from exhaustive. Business graduates have become teachers, bankers, investment managers, media producers and public sector consultants. And, of course, there’s no better course of study if you want to be an entrepreneur.

Business admin teaches you a wide range of universally transferable skills that are always in demand from employers. Rather than funnel you down one narrow career path that may be vulnerable to shifting social, technological and economic trends, an MBA or similar puts you in the driving seat.

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