Insurance Agents: Why You Should Consider Cigna Contracting


Contracting with insurance companies is essential to the effectiveness of insurance agents’ jobs. However, small businesses may find it difficult to secure contracts with large insurers like Cigna. An agent must have enough experience to endure this lengthy, arduous process.
Fortunately, online programs that offer connections to Cigna contracting have recently simplified the process.

About Cigna

As a multinational healthcare and insurance company based in Bloomfield, Connecticut, Cigna is the largest provider of managed healthcare and insurance. Its insurance subsidiaries provide various products and services, most of which are provided through employers and other organizations (including governments, non-government organizations, unions, and associations).

Insurance products offered by Cigna include Medicare and Medicaid coverage and health, life, and accident insurance coverage. The company also has various operations, including a Run-off Reinsurance division. Cigna also runs the Cigna Medical Group, a full-service staff-model health maintenance organization with satellite clinics around the Phoenix metro region. Cigna Global Health Benefits are also part of the Cigna corporation.
Your clients can expect the following from you as a Cigna broker:

  • Reduced health care costs
  • Flexibility and choice
  • Easy-to-use plans

What is Cigna Contracting and How Does it Work?

With Cigna contracting, the company works with an agent to provide benefits coverage. The lack of access prevents agents from doing their jobs effectively because they cannot sell or procure health insurance.

Start by enrolling in an online training program, which provides Cigna contracting and extensive training. Upon signing up, agents will be able to connect with Cigna. Agents are added to Cigna’s approved contracting panel after the approval process. In addition to health insurance, it allows them to sell life insurance and long-term care insurance.

Cigna has partnered with online programs that will enable you to become an insurance agent without the hassle of obtaining contracting access. This program simplifies the process while offering many benefits, such as experience as a licensed insurance agent and higher commissions. It guarantees that every prospective insurance agent has direct access to one of the biggest insurance firms, giving them the chance to make money and advance their careers.

Why Sign Up for Cigna Contracting

  • It enables you to Sell a complete product suite from one company instead of multiple companies. The system streamlines the sales process and simplifies searching for the client’s best insurance policy.
  • Increased commissions. You will also earn more Commission on investments made by clients in addition to commissions from selling individual insurance products.
  • As an insurance agent, you will get the experience without worrying about clients signing up for contracts. This frees you up to develop your craft and build a solid clientele.

Is certification Required for Cigna ACA On-Exchange Plans?

The CMS/FFM certification is required for that plan year. You’ll need to register, sign agreements, and complete the required training before selling Cigna ACA plans under the federal Health Insurance Marketplace (FFM) on


As an industry leader, Cigna has a massive Google search volume. Those looking to expand their business and reach should consider this career path. An agent can earn thousands of dollars with relative ease through this lucrative and in-demand career path.


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