Mac Tips and Tricks for New Mac Users

New Mac Users

Did you know that there are tricks, tips, and timesavers on your Mac computer that can streamline your activities? Well, over the years, Apple has built dozens of shortcuts and tricks to make your experience smooth on a Mac. Unfortunately, many new users are not aware of the features. This article explores some of the beginner tricks and tips to enhance your experience on your Mac.

Managing desktop and applications

Here are some tricks to help keep your desktop organized:

  • Activate the spotlight for searching: Spotlight is ideal for carrying out various actions on your Mac. These include locating your files, answering basic questions, and solving math problems. To bring up the search interface, use Command + Space.
  • Hide a window on desktop: Just press Command + H. The app will disappear into the background. You can get it back by pressing Command + Tab.
  • Hide all open windows: Except for the window for the app which you are using, you can hide all other windows by pressing Option + Command + H
  • Swap between apps on your Mac: You can switch between open applications by pressing Command + Tab keys. You may keep holding down the Command key and press the Tab until the app you want is highlighted.

Speeding up Your Mac

Is your MacMac running so slow? You might be wondering what the cause is and what you can do to optimize your Mac computer’s speed. Here are proven tips:

  • Close the apps you are not using: You should close down any unused running programs in the background. Your Mac could likely be devoting memory and CPU space to a program you have not used in while thus slowing it down. So, one way to speed mac is to manage your apps. For example, take a look at the Dock at the bottom of the screen to see the apps that are running and close those that you are not using.
  • Edit the preference panes: You can remove from preferences the items that are not in use. To do so, open System Preferences and check in the row at the bottom. You will see where the custom items are added to the Mac System Preferences. If you are not using them, you should remove them as they are taking up your CPU’s capacity. Right-click on an item and choose “Remove From Preference Pane.” You will have freed up space to speed your MacMac.

Managing your files on Mac

These quick shortcuts will help you to manage files on your Mac easily:

  • Quickly open folders: You can easily open a folder from your desktop or from Finder by holding Command and pressing the down arrow key. You can reverse by holding Command and pressing the up arrow key.
  • Delete files instantly: You can bypass the Trash Can and delete files on your Mac. Simply select the file you want to delete to create space in your Mac and press Option + Command + Delete at the same time.
  • Create a file that auto duplicates: You can create a duplicate file when clicking a specific file. Just right-click, select “Get Info.” and then check the “Stationery Pad Box.” You will have created a duplicating file that will open each time you open the original file.

Wrap up

Over the years, Apple has modified the Mac models to offer a great experience for users. That said, you may not exploit your Mac’s full potential if you do not know some tricks. Learn a few tricks and hacks that will boost your productivity and experience.

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