Making Money As A Hair Stylist During The Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been quite a challenge for those in the hair industry. First, lockdown requirements forced salons to temporarily shutdown. Then, loyal customers found themselves unemployed and had to cut back on additional expenses. Though some improvements have been made since last year, things are still pretty grim for stylists across the nation.

If you’re a stylist that’s been struggling to make ends meet amid the pandemic, there are ways to stay afloat. Continue reading for some income-earning opportunities.

Find New Marketing Avenues

Most hairstylists and barbers get their clientele through referrals, local foot traffic, and attending hair events. Unfortunately, this may not be enough during the pandemic. So, you’ll need to find different ways to advertise your services. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable yet efficient digital marketing strategies to consider.

You can create a social media page and upload before and after photos, give out tips, and share videos. You can start an email marketing campaign and send out monthly newsletters and promotional offers to your loyal customers. You can also sign up for niche directories where people can book a barber or stylist in their area and pay for services online.

Go Mobile

Instead of asking your clients to come to your salon, take the salon to your clients. Mobile hairstylists and barbers can make a lot of money amid the pandemic. As remote and essential workers still need to look their best, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to earn a few bucks. You’ll need a reliable means of transportation, travel-size equipment, essential hair care products, and you’re ready to go. Just ensure that you’re wearing PPE during your visits and properly sanitizing your equipment between uses.

Start a Blog

Blogging is an excellent way for people in the hair industry to generate income. It’s a pandemic-safe concept that allows you to complete everything from the comfort of your home. Once you’ve found the right web host and design, you’ll need to create content to generate traffic. You can give out daily hair care tips, advice on common hair problems, or provide your opinion on the best styles for the season. Then, look into various monetization methods. You can become an affiliate for certain hair care products and get a commission for every person that clicks on the links on your site. As your following grows, you can start selling ad space to hair-related businesses.

Sell Merchandise

Another way to make money as a stylist during the pandemic is to sell merchandise. For example, if you make your own moisturizers, detangler sprays, and essential oils for the hair, you can package and sell these to your customers. Branded merchandise has also become a popular option. You can add your business name and logo with a cute hair-related phrase to t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, face masks, and head wraps and sell them online. If making your own hair care products is too much time or money, you can always become an independent sales rep for someone else’s products that you stand behind or use frequently.

Teach Classes

Believe it or not, there are many people out there who would love to learn how to care for their hair. While you may not want to defeat your services’ purpose, you can earn a few bucks while teaching people a few tricks. Whether you show women how to do box braids and twist outs or teach the guys how to give themselves a quick line-up, charging a few bucks per class can help keep you afloat. All you need is the internet, a camera, and a dummy or volunteer for demonstrations. Upload your courses or host them live and watch the money start rolling in.

Being a hairstylist or barber in the middle of a pandemic is challenging. Trying to keep everyone safe while acquiring enough clients to keep the lights on is easier said than done. While no one has any idea when things will return to “normal”, there are steps you can take to reduce your deficit. The above suggestions can help build your brand and generate revenue throughout this national health crisis.

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