3 Reasons To Outsource Your Ecommerce Fulfillment


Not only is it impossible to hire additional staff to handle the fulfillment of their expanding eCommerce purchases, but many business owners cannot afford to do so. With the holiday season fast approaching, your warehouse is likely to be overflowing with boxes and packing slips.

If you don’t want to spend time sifting through boxes and repackaging shipments, outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment might be a cost-effective option.

Let’s explore the reasons behind this.

1) You’ll save time and money on labour

If you can afford to hire more employees, it might be smarter to outsource your order processing to a fulfillment house. While hiring new staff is an investment in the growth of your business, outsourcing means that you don’t have to pay benefits or contribute to unemployment insurance. If you’re already in a busy season and can’t afford to take on more staff, outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment could also be the best option.

2) You’ll have more time to focus on your business growth

You might be able to manage your own eCommerce fulfillment when you have only a few orders per day. But once things pick up, you’ll need to hire staff or outsource to keep up with demand.

What business owner doesn’t want more time for planning and strategizing?

Outsourcing your eCommerce fulfillment will leave you with plenty of time for your business – allowing you to look at the ‘bigger picture’ for your business and establish a roadmap.

3) Your customers will receive their orders faster

Fast shipping is critical to making your customers happy. Because there are many fulfillment houses that specialize in eCommerce, your packages will be picked, packed and shipped by professionals. The time it takes for you to pick, pack and ship your own orders might not seem like much at first glance.

Once you’ve decided to outsource your eCommerce fulfillment, your business will be able to prioritize other aspects of its development.

Bonus Reason: Get access to top-notch customer service

In today’s competitive fulfillment landscape, most fulfillment companies have to hire and train highly skilled customer service staff to ensure that their service is extremely effective. For the business owner or entrepreneur, access to customer service that can assist with admin and answer any last-minute reservations can make a huge difference.

What Software Exists to Help with Ecommerce Fulfillment?

You will waste a lot of time hunting for customer information and invoices, trying to sort out inventory, and filing labor reports if you don’t have the right software. Automating all of these processes may save you hours each day if you use the correct order fulfillment software.

If you’d like to give your business a competitive edge, choose a fulfillment provider that offers software solutions. These types of tools will help you develop more efficient workflows and processes, allowing you to focus on growing your eCommerce business.


When you outsource your fulfillment, you can focus on growing and improving your product assortment, marketing, customer experience, and anything else that generates more orders. Why put all of your time and effort into something that may be readily outsourced to professionals who can do it just as well as you?

Ultimately, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you understand that running a company is all about making compromises and balancing the financial benefit of changes like this.

When it comes to eCommerce fulfillment, whether you do the work yourself or outsource it to another firm is a decision that entails risk and uncertainty. Even if it seems frightening at the time, outsourcing fulfillment – even if just for a trial period – can provide significant benefits. Please contact us if you have any more suggestions or ideas to offer.


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