Gold Price Forecasts: Should You Invest in Gold Before the End of 2024?


Thinking about adding gold to your portfolio? Gold is best known as a safe haven asset, and it can provide some much-needed stability to your savings. Despite its reputation for stability, it also goes through price fluctuations. Gold prices have their own cycles, and while no one can ever reliably predict with 100% certainty where an asset’s prices will go, there are factors that tend to influence the price of the yellow metal.

People often say that you should buy low and sell high. If you’ve been looking at gold prices lately, you’ll know that prices have been consistently high in 2024, buoyed by high inflation. There are plenty of lingering questions, such as what falling interest rates will do to gold prices and how global uncertainty will affect demand for this safe-haven asset. Here’s what you need to know about investing in gold today.

Find the Right Bullion Supplier

Before investing in physical gold bullion, you need a source for it. A bullion supplier is where you go to buy investment-grade gold and silver bars and coins. Going to a storefront location can help you save money on shipping, but many suppliers will also offer secure shipping.

Global Bullion Suppliers is a Toronto-based bullion dealer that sets the example of what to look for when you’re buying bullion. They provide free bullion consultations to new investors and storage solutions. They also buy bullion, giving you a secure source of liquidity for your gold and silver investments. Plus, they provide individually-allocated storage units if you want an out-of-home private storage solution.

Record Gold Prices in 2024

Timing when you should invest in gold now depends on two things: whether your time horizon is long or short for your investments and whether you believe gold prices can keep climbing after the records they’ve already reached.

Given high gold prices, you may think twice about investing now, but there are several reasons you may want to put gold in your portfolio sooner than later.

Many investors opt to invest in gold for the long term. They’re not worried about what bullion will be worth tomorrow. They’re interested in what bullion will be worth decades from now. Gold is a long-term inflation hedge and an asset that keeps its value in times of crisis and uncertainty. If you’re looking to add security to your portfolio, gold provides it, and the day-to-day price fluctuations aren’t as important.

Future Gold Prices

That said, there are some analysts who believe that gold prices may continue to rise given current economic factors. The possibility that gold prices could continue to rise even in the short-term is driven by several factors, including global geopolitical tensions, the fact that 2024 is an American election year, and reduced competition from bonds as interest rates fall.

It’s important to keep in mind that predictions are fallible, and there’s never a guarantee about which way gold prices can go. Whether or not you should buy now depends entirely on your time horizon. If you’re looking for a long-term safe haven for your wealth, gold provides it. If you’re looking for short-term gains, gold can be more of a gamble right now due to its recent price gains.


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