Should You Use Western Union for Payments? When and How?


Are you trying to invest or take off your small business? Do you want to send or receive money? You have several choices, including banks, P2P, and cash transfer services, if you need to send or receive money. Services like Western Union will help you do things that your bank cannot do. However, sending money to Western Union can also be risky, so you must be careful and make sure it is the right tool to meet your requirements. Anyone who is wondering about their nearest services can use western Union near me.

Money Orders

Western Union is a great choice when you want to use a money order for payments. Money Orders normally cost about $1, and there are several sites to choose from. It is cheap and efficient!

Selling Online

If you work online, receiving cash through Western Union is a secure way. You do not have to think about PayPal buyer security problems or credit card charges. Most purchasers know that this puts them at a disadvantage, so they want to choose a more secure payment form. This can be a challenge unless they know that you are going to deliver or have a good reputation.

One-Off Transactions

When you have to transfer money to someone and can’t wait for funds to pass through the bank system for several days, Western Union can do the job quickly. For example, when your child is stuck in another town and requires cash to get out, a visit to a nearby Western Union location could provide a solution. It’s even possible to transfer money online.

Western Union’s international transfer fees can vary significantly. For example, suppose you live in the US and just want to give $500 to somebody in Mexico in March 2020. If the money is withdrawn and collected by the receiver in cash from your online bank account, it costs $5. For cash-to-cash transfers, it costs $9. The same transaction costs $7 by using a debit. The credit card has higher transaction rates.  The same transaction is free with a bank-to-bank payment, $2.99 for a debit card, or $17.49 with a credit card for a bank account. The cost of this transaction in Ireland varies between $5 and $21.50 and between $7 and $102 for China.

Your bank will transfer cash for you, but many forms and phone calls are often required. Most notably, your bank will not have branches near the beneficiary. Emergencies sometimes do not during banking hours, so transfer fees can be worth paying to do it fast. It’s worth exploring alternatives if you have to submit money regularly to the same person.

Specialized Service

Western Union is one of the cash transfers and money order options, but you don’t have many choices in certain cases. For example, Western Union can be used to send funds to detainees in some correctional facilities.


Western Union’s costs depend on how you send the money, how it is sent to the recipient, and where you send it. Western Union usually restricts transactions to $5,000. However, there are ways to go beyond these limits. If you want to send $500 in the US and personally drop the money, it costs $21.50 to transfer the funds to the receiver’s bank account. The process takes a much longer time. When you send money with the Western Union app, the charges are almost the same. Charges may vary for sending funds to other countries.

You will even have to pay fees to your bank or the issuer of your credit card. If you use a credit card, the transaction is considered a “cash advance,” which means you will pay a charge, and without any grace period, you pay higher interest rates. You can avoid these costs by using a debit card

How to avoid scams?

The most frequent scams include someone who wants to purchase what you sell online. A buyer may give you payment and then request you to return the money or send Western Union funds. It’s a fair chance you’re taken on a trip in those cases. It can be assumed, with information from the user bank accounts and video surveillance, that police will easily trace the thief from wherever the money was collected. However, in most cases, law enforcement authorities are unable to do something. Sometimes fraudsters can be found abroad. Unfortunately, the robbers will easily pretend like a local. They can send and receive text messages using local numbers via a voice over internet protocol (VOIP)

Awareness and training are the best means of preventing a scam. If you think it is a scam, you can call for information and support from Western Union. If you or anyone else you know is a victim of a scam, always call law enforcement.

Although there are other online services, the pace is at stake. Though transactions seem to be instantaneous, the receiver cannot collect cash or spend money immediately. Moreover, in a world where people want to gain a competitive advantage in business, everybody needs to sign up for efficient services to make transfers easy. Hope this article gave you some insight as to when you can benefit from using Western Union services


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