The Main Benefits of Using an Automatic Capping Machine


In this day and age, no matter what industry you are working in, without the proper equipment you will never rise above the competition. That is also the case for the liquid filling industry. If you have a business in this industry you must already understand the importance of the equipment you have. Capping machines have become a staple in the industry. No matter how big your production volume is, you understand that capping every single bottle by hand is not going to help you progress your business. That being said, there is a solution to that. As we said, bottle capping machines are a must-have. They are fast, and precise and ensure the quality of the product. Investing in a capping machine can boost your production volume several times. So, if you are interested in the topic, or you already work in this industry, here are the benefits of an automatic capping machine.

The Main Benefits

Using an automatic capping machine is a great way to improve your business. On that note, the benefits that an automatic capping machine brings will definitely pay off in the long run. They can be extremely versatile and can cap many different containers depending on your needs. Now, without wasting any more time, here are the benefits you can expect to get from an automatic capping machine.

Speeds up the Whole Process

No matter what, speed is important in every industry. The faster you can produce products, the more income you will generate. Additionally, you will also place ahead of your competition. So, the faster the capping process, the better you will be. Capping every single container manually will take significantly longer compared to the capping machine. The process is not even comparable. Even some semi-automatic capping machines can take a lot of time to complete production. Furthermore, both a manual and a semi-automatic capping machine require an operator, someone who will hand place each cap on the container before the machine finishes the job. Automatic machines do not require any of that. They come with their own cap delivery systems and the only job an operator has is to simply dump the necessary amount of caps into the machine.

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It is Easy to Use

As we already mentioned above, automatic capping machines do not require a lot to operate. When the machine is running, the only thing that an operator needs to do is simply provide the machine with bulks of caps every now and then. Additionally, setting up the automatic filling machines is as simple as it gets. The set-up includes different adjustments that are necessary because of the difference between different bottles and caps. Depending on what bottle capping you are doing, you will have to adjust the machine accordingly. In most cases, you can expect to only change the height with a simple flick of a switch. Additionally, you will also have to switch out the hand knobs for capping components. These can include spindle wheels, conveyor rails, gripper belts, and similar ones that you might have to use.


Another benefit of an automatic capping machine is its versatility. The majority of automatic capping machines can without problem handle a wide range of different caps and bottles. These can include caps and bottles of various sizes and shapes. As long as the capping principle is the same, no problems should arise. For example, let us look at the spindle cappers. They are used to tighten the screw-on caps. However, if we look at an automatic spindle capper, they are capable of much more. An automatic spindle capper can also handle sports caps, flat caps, trigger sprayers and even flip tops. Having different cap sizes is not a problem. Changing them only requires some very simple adjustments that you can even do tool-free.

They are Consistent

When you have a large production volume, apart from speed, consistency is really important. That being said, the benefit of having an automatic capping machine is that the whole process is automated. This is one of the biggest benefits you can have. An automatic capping machine can repeat the same action over and over again without losing speed or consistency. Every container is capped in the exact same way. With this, you can expect that every product that comes out of the machine is going to be perfect.

Easy to Set Up

The last benefit we are going to mention is how easy these machines can integrate into already existing packaging lines. If your production line already uses conveyors, an automatic capping machine can be easily set up on that line. However, if you do not have conveyors, worry not as these machines can be manufactured with their own conveyors. An automatic capping machine will certainly boost your production volume and product quality in general.


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