5 Tips for Efficiently Managing and Securing Bulk Devices


Device Management has an operative role in the modern business environment, while technology plays a significant part in routine operations. It facilitates businesses to invigilate and maintain devices that include IoT devices, POS, Digital signages, Interactive kiosks, virtual machines, and mobile devices.

Device management tools help assure that every device is compliant with the organizational policies, is secured, and is up-to-date with the mission of surveillance of the corporate data and network from unauthorized access.

Businesses have to face numerous challenges while managing their enterprise mobility. Challenges like security and bringing your device (BYOD) to the enterprise mobility management (EMM) and user experience, Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a crucial priority to digital transformation.

Challenges like security of data, migration, network access control, and user experience are being faced by MDM. Whenever you implement the MDM solutions they assist you in plugging the vulnerable gaps.

Understanding of AirDroid Business’s MDM Solution

AirDroid Business is a full-scale Android Mobile Device Management Solution that highly focuses on business-scaled Android device management. It is a solution for both attended and unattended Android devices.

It permits businesses to control and manage the fleet of different devices remotely through the key features of device monitoring, device enrolment, application management, and remote control of devices, refining the productivity and mobility of businesses of different sizes.

Moreover, the users can make changes in bulk or on-the-fly to save time, envoy the access rights to the team members, and put the devices into groups to help keep them structured for a better conclusion.

Apart from this, businesses can now stay updated with their remote Android devices from anywhere in the world. Also, the IT managers can pinpoint potential system errors before the issue and take actions to abbreviate the troubleshooting time.

5 Powerful Tips for Managing and Secure Device Fleets

Managing and securing the device fleets are essential to maintain the reliability and probity of your computing system. Here are the five powerful tips that help you effectively manage and secure the device fleets.

  1. Over-the-air device enrolment:

Over-the-air device enrolment (OTA) allows your server to verify the login of a user, the built-in certificate of a device, and the query for more information related to the device before delivering the enrolment profile.

Zero-touch enrolment is the feature of Android that efficiently sets up your device to the IT apps and policies of your organization. Whenever the user turns on their device, it looks for an enterprise device configuration. If a device configuration is designated to it, the device then downloads the Android Device Policy app and finishes the setup of the device. The Zero-touch enrolment is propped up by many Android EMMs.

  1. Centralized management through the dashboard:

Centralized management through dashboard attributes to the practice of managing numerous practices of a system or an organization from a fused interface or a platform. This is a helpful approach that allows managers or administrators to control, monitor, and make decisions about different components efficiently.

A centralized management dashboard is a powerful tool that provides different features which enable location tracking, real-time monitoring, geo-fencing, device grouping, notification reports, and alerts to assure the optimal control and oversight of your resource. With these features, you can efficiently streamline operations, upgrade efficiency, and assure optimal performance in your device resource.

  1. Remotely troubleshoot and control:

AirDroid Business remote control feature allows organizations to troubleshoot and remote access devices, including attended and unattended devices. The remote control enables the support person to simply control the device in collaboration with the user. And the patented feature Black Screen Mode can better protect data during remote controlling.

  1. Regularly update and patch devices:

Regular updates and patches in a device are a paramount aspect of application management (AMS) to help ensure the better performance, security, and stability of a software system. It’s a powerful tool to manage enterprise apps and Google Play apps.

Application Management Services (AMS) are used to explain the external management and outsourcing of a business organization’s application profile. Moreover, it involves the entire process of enhancing, managing, and maintaining the applications throughout their lifespan through a third-party service provider.

  1. Establish clear device usage policies:

Effective device usage policies are significant for maintaining a productive and secure work environment. It is paramount to protect your personal information, sensitive data, assures for the responsible use of devices, and mitigate risks.

These security policies have described various guidelines and principles for device usage within the organization. The policies are therefore applied to everyone who has been granted access to the networks and devices of the company. If you adhere to these policies, you can more easily contribute to a secure work environment.


Mobile devices have now become far and wide in enterprise use. Today, different workforces and businesses rely on devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops for a wide range of tasks.

As working remotely has become crucial now, therefore mobile devices have become an integral part of businesses now. And because of the reason that mobile device enterprise has access to critical business data, they can easily threaten security when gets hacked, lost or stolen by anyone.

Conclusively, the importance of mobile management devices has evolved in a way that security and IT professionals are now tasked to manage, provision, and secure mobile devices within their representative business environment.

Mobile Device Management Solutions vary between the providers. Therefore, organizations need to be carefully figured out the factors and requirements while selecting the right MDM solution for a business.

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