Top 5 Features for Making a Google Friendly WordPress Website


The e-commerce market is in full bloom, and hence website owners try all sorts of ways to improve their online visibility amongst visitors. The below graph shows a consistent rise in e-commerce sales all-round the globe.

Online retail sales are estimated to rise to USD 5.424 trillion in 2022, as per Statista. The largest online traffic which runs the e-commerce industry is Google.

The majority of the users resort to Google for gaining information. With cut-throat competition in the digital market, it’s been challenging for web owners to stay on the top search lines of the Google pages.

Being a WordPress site owner, it is pivotal for you to incorporate some of the best features, which will lead your site to the top of the search criteria. Research indicates a significant difference in the click-through (CTR) rates for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd results.

This is possible with an effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. SEO is a combination of all the strategies and processes implemented to improve the site quality and visibility for search engines.

Many site owners are out of ideas as to what strategies should be implemented to impress Google and make their site visible.

Relax, I have penned down some of the top-most features to make your WordPress website impress Google.

Top Features to Make a Google Friendly WordPress Website:

1) Employ SSL Encryption Security:

Digital web owners are now aware of the importance of security in their digital infrastructure. Since the cyber-criminals focus on gaining finances by resorting to malicious ways, there are multiple web securities available in the digital market to secure your WordPress website. SSL certificate tops the list by providing robust 256-bit encryption to browser-server communications.

Varied types of SSL certificates are available, which secure your digital infrastructure in different ways. Many global brands offer various SSL certificates like Single Domain SSL certificates, Wildcard SSL certificates, Multi-Domain SSL certificates, etc. Choose the SSL certificate which is the most ideal for your business and buy the same from a trustworthy source.

Example: If your business website requires security of primary domain and multiple 1st level subdomains, Wildcard SSL certificates are the best option.

A reliable SSL certificate provider like SSL2Buy offers the best security solutions for online apps and businesses at discounted rates.

2) Focused Content:

Apart from the site architecture, which consists of layouts, themes, designs, and other structures, the site’s content is of utmost importance for gaining a favourable position in SEO.

When your content does not fulfil your business objectives, it is called lousy content. Google does not appreciate boring content, grammatical errors, manipulative or copied content, non-reliable content, etc., which do not attract your target audience or fulfil user’s needs. Sites with such content may fail to grab a position in SEO.

Precise and accurate content aiming at targeted keywords at multiple places like SEO titles, content, meta descriptions, etc is much more informative than random content. In this competitive era, top-notch content which delivers user’s needs in the most appropriate format is the most ideal for your website.

Research indicates that 57% of the executives feel that on-page content development is the best technique for a good SEO. Good content writing tools like IdeaFlip, Portent’s Content Idea Generator, etc., can help enrich content and make a Google-friendly WordPress website.

3) Mobile Responsiveness:

The extensive use of mobile internet has compelled website owners to make their site responsive to mobiles and other devices.

You will be shocked to know that:

  • 2% (2018) of the worldwide web traffic is drawn from mobile phones. (
  • 60% of the internet access is via phones. (com)
  • 50% of the total digital revenue is generated from mobile. (com)

Mobile searches have overpowered desktop searches, and hence mobile SEO has started gaining importance.

The majority of people search Google from their smartphones rather than computers. This mobile-centric atmosphere calls in for a mobile-friendly website. Google also encourages mobile responsive sites by placing them at a high position in SEO.

A responsive web design is a web page crafted so that it looks the best on all devices. Careful navigation, optimized images, ease of buttons on small screens and mobile-friendly designs, etc., all will help in making your website more responsive. Be it WordPress or any other CMS platform; it’s advisable to invest in a responsive web design for better SEO.

4) Integrate Internal and External Links:

Google SEO has multiple factors which it considers before uplifting a site to the top position. One such factor is the assimilation of internal and external links in your WordPress website.

Internal links – Hyperlinks that lead the user of the website to the targeted page.

External links – Hyperlinks that lead the website’s user to a targeted page on a different website.

The main advantage of using internal links is the increased user engagement. This enables the user to stay longer on the site and motivates them to follow your website, thus increasing the chances of conversions. Ensure that the hyperlink text comprises relevant keywords for search engines to know your page and index the same for better site visibility.

In the case of external links (outbound links), linking your content to appropriate pages of different websites which have good ranks will soar the popularity of your website too. They may, in turn, link your website to their content and increase your web traffic.

5) Use a Dedicated SEO Plugin:

  • Are you unfamiliar with WordPress?
  • Do you lack knowledge of WordPress plugins?

Plugins are software components that permit the customization of browsers, apps, programs, and website contents. These software components add functions and features to your website. Different plugins perform different functions.


Jetpack – It is used for securing WP sites, site backup, and managing site speed.

Wordfence Security – It is for firewall and scanning of malware

In the same way, there are ample WordPress plugins designed for gaining a top position in SEO for the website. These plugins help in your SEO efforts and ensure that your site ranks better. SEO trends keep on changing daily, and hence it is essential to monitor the changes and update your site accordingly as per their policies.

To find out which SEO tools are better for your WP website, check in the WP plugin directory. I agree that it is a time-consuming process to figure out the best SEO tool for your website since different SEO plugins are required for resolving varied issues.

Few Best SEO Plugins:

Yoast SEO: This premium WP SEO plugin is multi-lingual and ensures that your site ranks the highest as per the defined SEO standards. It also ensures that the keyword content is adequate and in the right places.

The SEO Framework: This plugin configures all SEO essentials and helps to incorporate social media presence into the content. Customized settings can help create unique pages for your website.

SEO Optimised Images: This plugin helps in optimizing title and alt tags for your images.

Few More Features to make a Google Friendly WordPress Website:

  • Use quality images to attract user attention
  • Take care of broken links
  • Maintain website speed
  • Observe titles and meta descriptions
  • Select a good web host
  • Use an optimized theme
  • Create sitemaps
  • Change permalink structure
  • Keep your site updated with the latest content

Wrapping Up:

If you are aware of SEO basics, you can use the appropriate tools to stay ahead of the competition. Follow the tips mentioned above, pick up a reliable web host, relevant content, correct keywords, images, themes, SEO plugins, etc. and improve your WordPress website visibility and network traffic.


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