10 Reasons To Use Direct Mail For Your Marketing Campaign


Even if some businesses think that direct mail is an outdated marketing method, it’s still relevant, and there are many reasons you should use it on your marketing campaigns.

Direct mail is still an effective method. Unfortunately, some businesses fail to use it due to the developments of online marketing recently. However, you should know that direct mail can be helpful for your marketing campaigns because many people still perceive it as an appealing way for businesses to market.

Plus, direct mail is more personal compared to general emails. If you want to implement it in your marketing campaigns, especially during holidays, it’s highly recommended reading this.

Below are some of the reasons to use direct mail for your business marketing:

1) Works Well with Digital Marketing

If you like to build your brand online or improve your company’s reputation, digital marketing is typically the best place to begin. For most brands, it includes publishing optimized content and setting up ads on social media platforms. But did you know that you can combine direct mail with digital marketing?

Direct mail works by helping you bridge the gap between the reality and digital world. You may reach potential customers who might have never heard about you, and you don’t need to spend more on ads. Instead, you can tie them all together to boost your campaign’s performance. Just ensure to use an excellent direct mail marketing tool to achieve the results you desire.

2) You Can Easily Track Direct Mail

Many digital marketing tools can help you track the progress of your campaigns. But, with direct mail, you can easily track it. For instance, you can designate an email address or a phone number solely for the audience of your direct mail campaigns. Also, you can make specialized landing pages that have unique URLs. This can improve the accuracy of your metrics and the quality of your data.

3) Direct Mail is Tangible

One of the best things about using direct mail in your marketing campaigns is that it provides a physical form of marketing media. It enables recipients to hold it in comparison to digital marketing materials. The physical experience of opening and touching direct mail can make it more sincere and memorable.

You can create and design mail pieces that portray your marketing and brand message appealingly. Your direct mail can easily stand out among other typical junk mails homeowners often throw out. The direct mail’s tangible nature also makes it possible to grab one’s attention compared to emails often lost in spam folders.

4) Enable More Personal Approach

Often, digital marketing overlooks personalization because of relying on emails that usually make errors about the names of recipients and some personal details. On the other hand, direct mail feels more personal since it’s something that your audience gets directly in a colorful and inviting presentation.

Besides that, direct mail is like one of the marketing materials with more effort invested in designing and creating them, which often impresses recipients. Depending on your preference, there’s a lot that may go into the presentation and design of direct mail pieces that you can’t achieve with emails.

5) More Flexible

Direct mail is so flexible that it can be used for whatever your goals may be. It can also be used as a short-term promotional tool or an invitation in the form of vouchers.

If your business is just getting started, it can be an excellent approach to generate quick revenue or drive more potential customers.

6) More Formal Than Some Marketing Methods

Compared to some kinds of marketing, direct mail formally presents your business information since it can be done through invitations or letters. It won’t also be considered spam if it’s good enough to encourage your recipients to open it and pay attention to the content inside. Direct mail also brings more class to your marketing campaigns, which can influence your audience and help you stand out in the competition.

7) Drive Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Most business owners think that they don’t need direct mail because of mobile marketing and social media. What they’re overlooking is how mobile marketing and social media relationships get captured. Typically, it’s through print.

If your target customers don’t see your social media on prints, you can’t see engagements easily. So, if you want to level up your mobile and social media engagements, try incorporating direct mail and see the difference.

8) Offer Higher Chances of Engagement

Since it’s more personal and less common, people often remember direct mails they’ve received for a long time. People take time to read through their emails and sort through them, which encourages them to react more to such pieces throughout the process. It can help promote better engagement with detailed direct mail than your digital marketing efforts because recipients are more likely to take action with the information you’ve provided.

9) Offer High Conversions

One of the challenging parts of marketing is to reach out to consumers. Unlike email marketing, direct mail enables you to avoid the spam folder and help you get in front of your target audience. Use this opportunity to mention your events or upcoming sales and drive your customers to your website for more information or to purchase your great deals. With this, it’ll be much easier for you to turn your potential customers into buying customers.

10) Influence Your Consumers’ Purchasing Behavior

Direct mail may influence the purchasing behaviors of your consumers more than any kind of marketing. This is particularly effective among the generations of baby boomers.

If you like to boost your sales to baby boomers and other less tech-savvy generations, the best solution is leveraging direct mail marketing. There are instances that even younger generations are impressed by quality direct mail pieces. So, regardless of the age groups of your target audience, connecting with your older and younger recipients is never impossible with direct mail. Just design your direct mail following your audience’s preferences or interests.


Getting rid of direct mail in your marketing strategy is a wrong move. Keep in mind that it’s still alive and well, and there are reasons to include it in your marketing campaigns. From more substantial impact to higher ROI, your business can enjoy countless benefits. Just make sure to use direct mail properly before you launch any marketing campaign to get the best possible results.


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