5 Types of People You Need in Your Company

Recruitment of hunting talented workforce

A successful company requires teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Even if you are a business genius, what you can achieve as an individual is most likely nothing close to what you can achieve with a team of talented staff.

Putting together a fantastic team of employees for your company is a fine art. It is common practice to hire employees based on their qualifications and their hard skills (quantifiable and measurable skills such as computer programming, administration, etc), but personality types are sometimes overlooked as an important factor in who would make a great addition to your team.

A world-beating team is usually made up of a variety of different personality types that work together in a fluid, creative, and efficient way. In this guide we will look at five types of people that you should consider hiring as part of your team.

The Prophet

While a workplace needs plenty of people who can focus on the task at hand, employees with a gift for seeing into the future (not literally, of course!) are valuable allies to have. While others are focusing on the here and now, these employees are looking down the road, thinking of every possible consequence of every decision. Staff members like this often end up predicting events and seeing possible opportunities or obstacles that others miss.

The Creative

Creativity is an important trait to have in a team in any type of business in any sector. Even highly technical and precise fields such as math and engineering can benefit from the input of creatives. Creative people often use their unconscious mind, their “right brain”, and think in the abstract. When it comes to brainstorming and throwing out ideas, creative minds are essential if you need someone to think “outside of the box”.

The Perfectionist

In some ways the opposite of the creative, the perfectionist actually perfectly complements the former. Wildly inventive ideas are not much use if they cannot be transformed into concrete, detailed plans of action and correctly implemented. While a creative may suggest a new product that can be developed, the perfectionist is the one actually logging into sites like fluentconveyors.com, choosing and ordering the required equipment, and creating workflows. Perfectionists often work in technical fields such as engineering and computer programming, but even sectors such as marketing and customer service benefit from perfectionists on the team.

The “Mom Friend”

The “mom friend” is the one that holds everything together. If it weren’t for this person, these wildly disparate personality types would be working separately rather than as a tight team. The “mom friend” looks after others, is friendly with everyone, yet can also take initiative and control when needed. This type of employee is often suited to a role in Project Management or Human Resources but is great to have in any role on a team.

The Helping Hand

Without people who are happy to simply follow the directions of other personality types, the actual work may not get done. Hiring managers often look for individuals who are driven, confident, and eager to take on leadership roles—however, it can be unwise to try to fill your workforce with “leaders” rather than “followers”. Simply being interested in helping is not a weakness or character flaw; it is actually essential for the running of an organization. Don’t dismiss the interviewee who seems a little passive and is interested in doing their job and having a quiet life; these employees are the unsung heroes of the business world.


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