What to Look for in a Divorce Solicitor?


When you have no choice but to give up on your marriage, seek the help of a seasoned and reliable Divorce Solicitor. Excellent and competent Divorce Solicitors couldn’t just recite the provisions you can use to support your case. Still, they must also help you in issues regarding separation of properties, custody, payment of conjugal debts, and arranging support for the children. The end of the marriage is just a part of the equation. Properties, assets, liabilities, estates, and children are other equally essential aspects.

Given these, it’s essential to be picky about the Divorce Solicitor you’re choosing to work with. Don’t just decide based on proximity and convenience. Carefully check your prospects’ background, their winning chances, and their reputation in the legal industry. Their prowess in litigation is also a factor to consider. If you’re still not sure how to choose your divorce lawyer, check these points out.

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Can relate well to their client

It’s easy to fight for something that you’re passionate about. But since you can’t lawyer yourself up, look for someone who can relate to your concerns and plight very well. Not all lawyers are good listeners, but you see, the quality of service improves when the one helping you know how to listen empathetically.

Is your lawyer interested in your case? Do they ask the hard questions? Do they remember the details of your case? And do they spend enough time to discuss your case with you?

Though a yes answer to all these questions doesn’t automatically conclude that your lawyer is 100% empathetic, it’s already a strong indicator that they are trying their best to relate to your plight and understand your needs. Don’t be afraid of lawyers who seemingly intimidate you with hard questions. They’re not making your lives difficult, but they’re doing their best to extract raw and unfiltered information from you. If you get comfortable with this line of questioning, it’ll be easy for you to tackle court questions during the interpellation later on.

Updated with the amendments in procedural and substantive law

The law is never stagnant, so it’s expected that it can change from time to time. A good lawyer is updated on these amendments. This applies to Divorce laws, too. Currently, there have been changes implemented in the grounds for granting divorce in the UK. Before 2020, spouses who file for divorce must allege that their estranged spouse committed or showed ‘unreasonable behaviour’ like adultery, concubinage, or assault before a divorce petition could merit favourable action. Fortunately, last year, the Ministry of Justice abolished this ground and only specified that either spouse would draft a statement highlighting ‘irretrievable breakdown’ as a cause for the divorce petition.

This is a milestone in divorce laws as it aims to lessen conflict between spouses who are filing for divorce. Your lawyer should be well-informed of changes like this to help further your case.

These are just a few of the traits that you should look for in a Divorce Solicitor. Though no one can ascertain their winning chances, if you have a lawyer with these qualities, you know you’re in good and able hands.


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