Why you Need a Car Breakdown Cover?


What is car breakdown ?

Traveling by car is the most convenient way to get from one location to another. But a car breakdown in between your travels can be a serious inconvenience, as finding someone to help you repair your car or vehicle can be a stressful task at any time. A car breakdown occurs when a vehicle suddenly stops working and cannot be started for a variety of reasons. battery problem, faulty alternator, starter motor problem, damaged clutch wire, faulty cylinder head gasket and some others. Having a Car breakdown cover now can help you, your passenger, and your vehicle.

How do you get a car breakdown cover?

When you buy a vehicle, it can be any type, including a car, bike, minibus, classic car, van, taxi minibus, taxi car, or motor home. When you go for vehicle insurance, at that time, one can adopt Roadside Assistance. This feature enables you to get an assistant 24/7 whenever a breakdown occurs. The rescue will reach you at the earliest and get the work done in a hassle-free manner and bring you back to road riding within 60 minutes. Here, Car breakdown cover plays a vital role in case if the issue can’t be resolved, then appropriate arrangements are made to send the vehicle and any one passenger to the nearest garage, and your journey is resumed by another means so that you reach your destination, and then, after your car is repaired, it is delivered to your address.

Service/ benefits of car breakdown cover

Various benefits are included in the cover of car breakdown. Some of them are listed below:

  • The benefit of car cover is that you get roadside assistance and things rescued in an easy and smooth way.
  • The car breakdown cover also helps you in case the keys are locked inside the vehicle.
  • Passengers are transferred up to a distance of 10 miles from the location where breakdown event occurred.
  • If service is not possible, the vehicle is taken to the nearest garage for repair.
  • The alternative transport arrangements are made to resume your travel and help you reach your destination safely. An assistant will assist you till you reach your home location.

Situations that are excluded in car breakdown cover are:

  • If there is any breakdown that has occurred prior to the purchase.
  • The cost of any parts of the vehicle that require to be changed is not included in car breakdown cover.
  • If a breakdown occurs due to a pre-existing faults, then cover services are not applied.
  • Vehicles that are being utilized for hire, rewards, or courier services.
  • Fuelling was not proper.
  • If the vehicle is not carrying a serviceable spare tyre and there is a tyre fault.

Now we are well aware about what is a car breakdown, how you can get its cover, we have also looked at the benefit of the car breakdown cover, and what are the situations that are excluded from the cover. Features and facilities also vary depending on the cover package you have chosen as per your requirement and depending on your vehicle as well. A breakdown can happen at any time and anywhere, regardless of the age of your vehicle. Car Breakdown Cover ensures that there will always be a helping hand and you can travel with peace of mind, not worrying about unwanted incidents or breakdowns.


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