A Short Guide To Marketing With Reusable Bags

Reusable Bags

Everyone loves reusable bags. There are so many ways that customized bags can help promote your business. They can be used as giveaways, sold in-store, and marketed on social media. But that’s only the tip of the promotional iceberg, as it were.

Reusable tote bags made from sustainable materials are something that can catch the attention of your customers and make a positive impact on them in a big way. In this article, we’ll go over reusable bags and why they’re a great bet for your next marketing or promotional plan. Check it out below.

Customization for Marketing Purposes

The biggest perk of using reusable bags as promotional items is customization. Customizing a bag gives you an opportunity to show off your personality, demonstrate your sense of fun, and passively advertise all at the same time.

When a customer picks out a bag that has your logo or business name on it, you can rest assured that they’re going to likely be using (and reusing) it multiple times. Whenever they do, other people can see it and might become interested in your brand. If you go so far as to make different designs and do exclusive marketing promotions, you can take advantage of this a little bit more.

By creating a sense of urgency and scarcity, you essentially render your bags collectible and can reap the rewards of having collectors buy them. Whatever you decide to do, offer custom quality reusable bags at your business and use them to take your marketing strategy to a whole new level.

Making Sure They’re Eco-friendly

Customizing your bags and figuring out how you’re going to promote them aren’t the only key factors to offering them. Organizations also need to ensure they’re eco-friendly. So what characteristics should you look for in an eco-friendly tote bag?

Start with the material. Many reusable totes are made of synthetic materials that can take centuries to decompose. Look for totes made of natural materials like cotton, hemp, or jute. These materials not only offer a durable product but also biodegrade quickly if they end up in a landfill at some point. Reducing your carbon footprint and safeguarding the environment means a great deal to customers and can help them see how great your business is—and ultimately give them a reason to become regular/returning customers.

Reasons to Use Them

The first and foremost reason to offer reusable bags is for their friendliness to the environment. Plastic bags and other types of materials aren’t great for the environment in general, so reusable bags can be great for making a difference in reducing your carbon footprint.

But that’s not the only reason to sell, give away, and distribute them at your business. They give customers a keepsake of the business that they can enjoy for a long time. It’s also a good way to get them to make return trips to your business (especially if you offer a discount). Finally, it increases awareness of your brand, making it the ideal marketing tool.

Reusable Bags

Why They Make Good Giveaway and Sale Items

Reusable tote bags make good giveaways (and sale items) because they are practical and environmentally friendly. Per the EPA, Americans use 100 billion plastic bags each year. And, of course, most people don’t recycle them. That’s not a great thing.

A reusable tote bag provides an alternative to disposable plastic bags, making it a suitable replacement for them at your business. Tote bags are much more durable than disposable plastic bags, so it’s easier to use them multiple times before they require replacement. This makes them a cost-effective and elegant solution to the environmental issue as well as a great way to build rapport/trust with your customer base.

Best Places To Promote Them

Start by putting them in your store, or if you have an online store, you can put them on your website. Giving them away as freebies at trade shows and other events is also a pretty good method for distributing promotional bags.

You can also try social media contests and online giveaways. Another great way to market your totes is through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all your favorite social media channels. For a more communal approach, you can print out postcards advertising your tote bags.

Then distribute them throughout your community and sit back as they hopefully generate some interest in your store. Whatever marketing strategy you choose, be sure to make it clear that the totes are made of durable, eco-friendly materials that can be reused; that way, customers know they’re receiving a high-quality product and experience when they visit your business.


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