The 10 Best Website Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques


On average, websites landing pages see a conversion rate of 2.35%. However, the top 10% of businesses see these conversion rates sitting at 11.45% or higher.

The correlation between an increased conversion rate and higher revenue is undeniable. Unfortunately, many businesses simply aren’t able to crack the website conversion rate optimization code.

Lucky for you, there are a few key techniques and tools you can integrate to achieve conversion rate optimization like never before.

Want in on the secrets to success? Follow along to discover 10 of the best techniques that you can use to transform your conversion rates and skyrocket sales.

1) Narrow Your Target

This may feel counterproductive to your growth, but the fact is if you are drawing an audience that isn’t actually interested in your products or services, your high traffic has zero advantage.

Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, focus on a smaller, more relevant target group and master it. This may include taking steps like narrowing your keyword usage and choosing less-competitive topics.

Your content should seamlessly lead people to your brand’s offerings, so be sure to compose content that is relevant, helpful, and related to your niche.

2) Get Mobile-Friendly

Online mobile traffic has increased by 222% in the last 7 years. This has resulted in over half of your online hits coming from mobile users.

If your website isn’t optimized for these mobile users, you’ll be missing out on a massive market. Take steps to make these improvements by utilizing mobile-view editors and mobile-first indexing.

Keep your file formats and layouts in check to ensure even visitors on the small screens can use and appreciate your site.

3) Improve Your Site Speed

In a world where we crave instant gratification, slow loading sites are simply not an option. In fact, 40% of users will hit that dreaded back button if your website takes 3 seconds or longer to load.

Even if your content is amazing and worth the wait, the laggy wait will cause your leads to jump ship before they even have a chance to take it in.

To avoid this hasty abandonment, improve your speed by deleting unused content, embedding images and large files into your HTML, or even consulting with website building experts to handle the technical background.

4) Create Compelling Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a great method to keep leads on your page, but using the same generic and lackluster designs as everyone else is a waste of time and money.

Take time to develop pop-ups that are eye-catching and compelling. Include exclusive coupon offers or valuable free information that’s near impossible to pass up. Don’t be afraid to make bold statements or use unordinary colors and fonts to pull viewers back in.

5) Simplify Forms

Inquiry forms and sign-up pages are a great way to capture valuable lead information to maintain your sales funnel. Unfortunately, many customers are put off by companies asking for ‘too much’ personal information and change their minds about the brand based on this action.

To reduce the number of customers that you lose to this requested information tactic, shorten your forms and simplify the process. Think about the details that you really need to follow up with customers and leave the rest out.

Asking for just a name and email address will get you much further than requesting phone numbers, location, and even ‘how did you hear about us’ fields.

6) Streamline Navigation

Customers should be able to navigate their way through your site with ease from the very first visit. To reduce confusion and simplify your navigation, consider adding in search bars for product pages or drop-down menus for more precise landing pages.

Including links to products or information that is mentioned in your content will seamlessly lead customers to intended targets and drive conversion. Reduce frustrated customers sifting through content and ultimately abandoning their quest.

Give them what they are looking for quickly and easily to ensure they follow through to checkout.

7) Create a Sense of Urgency

Online shopping takes window shopping to a whole new level. With no pressure or feelings of obligation to make a purchase, customers have no problem filling their carts and backing out without concern.

Optimize website conversion rates and reduce abandon carts by giving customers a reason to jump on your deals instantly.

Offer time-sensitive deals or display low-stock notices to let shoppers know that if they want that product, they’ll have to act fast. This will deter leads from searching other sites for a better deal or having an ‘I’ll come back’ attitude that rarely actually happens.

8) Feature Your Best Above-The-Fold

Whether it’s your product pages or your blog, always ensure you are making the best impression right from the start.

‘Above-the-fold’ refers to the part of your website page that visitors see before they make any movements to scroll or navigate elsewhere. This area is what will either catch or lose leads so be sure to show off your best images, listings, and headings in this section.

9) Master CTAs

You already know the importance of a call to action, but did you know that the way you present this CTA could make or break customer response?

Instead of using a passive CTA or even a generic statement, aim to create excitement and hard to resist asks. To do this, change your links to buttons and make them stand out.

Use appealing colors and customize your buttons by changing phrases like ‘contact us’ to ‘chat with a pro’.

10) Utilize Session Replay

Knowing your conversion rate is great but seeing this number won’t do a whole lot for your website conversion rate optimization efforts. To make a difference, you’ll need to understand why people are leaving your website.

To discover this, you’ll need to utilize tools like the Decibel session replay technology. This system allows you to see exactly what your customers are doing during their sessions and pinpoint the problems that made them abandon your site.

This allows you to accurately address issues in your sales funnel and even diagnose technical errors that are costing you business.

Master Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Now that you know the top 10 techniques for improving your website conversion rate optimization, you can set forth with confidence on your website design overhaul. From the technical backend to understanding your customer’s experience, you’ll be skyrocketing conversation and sales in no time.

Want to learn more tips and tricks for your business’s marketing and website design? Check out our other articles to discover all the secrets you need to find success online in 2021.

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