What to Avoid When Buying an Ice Machine


Having your own ice maker is a smart business move. Instead of relying on an outside source, you can offer clients and customers ready-made ice whenever and wherever they need it while bringing in a lot of passive income.

As you go to buy an ice maker, there are a few considerations to bear in mind to make sure you don’t end up with something unsuitable. Here’s what you need to avoid when you get ice machine.

A machine that won’t match with your plumbing

If your machine doesn’t match up with your plumbing, you could end up with cubes that are not shaped correctly or some serious valve leaks. When you get your ice vending machine, be sure that it will pass health inspection by fitting properly to your existing plumbing.

Always remember that you will need a good drain setup for your ice machine. You may have existing drains you can connect too easily, or you may have to call a plumber to get a drain line put in.

The wrong kind of machine

You need an ice vending machine that provides what your customers want. That may include a good filter system for confidence that the ice and water are clean, a choice between bagged ice or directly dispensed bulk ice, a machine that dispenses water as well as ice, and a machine that accepts either credit cards or cash.

You also want to be able to monitor your machine without having to keep a dedicated attendant on the machine. You should have real-time access to filter status, the amount of ice being sold, and where the ice production cycle is.

The wrong size of machine

Getting the right size machine is always the best use of your money. A machine that is too large will not only cost you more to buy, but it will also needlessly waste your water and energy. You may also experience performance complications if you aren’t vending enough ice out of the machine on a regular basis.

If your machine is too small, it could be even worse. It’s better to have no ice at all than to offer a vending machine but have it constantly out of order or unable to satisfy demand. Ask your vending machine company about the right size of machine for your needs.

A machine too hard to maintain

Every ice machine will need occasional maintenance, and failing to take care of yours can mean compromised quality. You may end up with a lot of down time getting something fixed, or, even worse, a problem with mold buildup in your machine.

Look for a machine with as few moving parts as possible. The fewer the parts, the less there is to go wrong. If you get a machine that allows you to monitor everything remotely, you can keep an eye on when filters need to be changed and whether an ice cycle has gotten stuck.

A machine that isn’t secure

The last thing you want is a machine that is easy to break into. Cheap aluminum shells, outdated locks, external hinges, and no remote monitoring mean you have to keep an eye on your machine constantly and cannot count on it to be durable if you need to put it outside.

Look for a machine with no obvious way in and with up-to-date locking features that provide you with good security. Steel is always preferable to aluminum for keeping out thieves, and you should also look for a machine advertised as corrosion resistant if you need to place your machine outside.

A quality ice vending machine is good for your business and provides the kind of value and convenience that sets your business apart from the rest. Look for a secure, easy-to-use machine that fits your plumbing and style and is the right size for your needs.

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