Can A Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Help Your Case


Semi-truck and tractor-trailer accidents are not as frequent as other trucking accidents, but these are among the most destructive. Sadly, the fatalities in these crashes involve the auto passengers since these machines can weigh as much as 30 times that of a standard automobile.

The indication is truck accidents are responsible for thousands of lives in a given year, most of which are the passengers in the involved auto. A small percentage of these accidents involve motorcycles, bicyclists, and even pedestrians.

While not all collisions result in a fatality, injuries sustained will mean undergoing substantial medical care and great financial distress. The average person could consume an entire emergency fund or savings as quickly as a few weeks in care.

Not to mention the potential for facing significant life-altering physical ramifications, including pain, the possibility for countless physical therapy sessions, and the need for assistive devices rendering the individual unable to return to their place of employment.

What can you do when faced with these circumstances? Consider these suggestions as a victim of a truck accident.

How Can A Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Help With Your Case

Semi-truck accidents result in severe injuries often for the passengers of the vehicles involved in the crash. These trucks usually weigh 30 x as much as the autos they come in contact with, creating destruction and devastation when they collide.

Life-altering injuries of this nature mean undergoing immediate intensive medical care that can consume an entire savings account in a matter of a few weeks of preliminary care, leaving the remainder of your care to pile up in debt. That is unless you speak with a truck accident lawyer upfront for guidance through the process. How can this professional help? Let’s learn together.

●    The claim in a truck accident needs to be filed sooner rather than later

The sooner you reach out to a truck accident lawyer, the better the settlement for your claim against the defendant in the collision. The attorney will determine who the defendant in the case will be in the court case. Will it be a company that goes up against you or the driver personally?

A lot of times, there’s a legal team that represents the business for whom the driver is operating the truck unless the driver is a self-employed over-the-road driver. The lawyer will evaluate each detail in the claim after determining who’s at fault and assess your compensation.

The first-class attorneys for truck accidents will also file the case on your behalf to avoid the risk of the case getting tossed due to an expired statute of limitations. It’s vital to have a legal expert with adequate knowledge and experience in this aspect of the law to avoid missteps resulting in a thrown-out case. Click for guidance on what you should research before consulting a truck accident attorney.

●    A legal expert will properly investigate the details of the case

Once a case is established, the truck accident lawyer will proceed with an investigation of the details of the collision. In many instances, an attorney will employ the services of an independent investigator to examine the case to distinguish between fact vs. fiction. The investigator’s position will be to:

  1. Work to reconstruct the collision scene after a visit there to investigate the site; perhaps there will be footage on the traffic cam.
  2. Review the truck inspection reports, the driving records, and phone logs.
  3. Speak with witnesses to the collision and the investigating officers and then review their records and statements.

Reaching out for legal assistance as soon as possible following a truck collision is vital since the lawyer could find details leading to a more substantial outcome for your case.

●    The truck accident attorney will negotiate on your behalf

The truck accident attorney is on your side, hoping to prevent massive debt accumulation by negotiating on your behalf for a reasonable and fair settlement.

The professional will find what would deem an “economic / non-economic” loss for your case, presenting a valiant fight against insurance carriers who aim to pay as minimal as possible. Ideally, you will find an expert who has successfully negotiated against countless insurance companies. Go to for tips on selecting a truck accident lawyer.

You should anticipate, however, that these negotiations can take time, sometimes months, based on the claim’s intricacy. Negotiations will be exceptionally complicated if you are the victim of complex injuries or have resultant deformities from the collision. These will take longer when there is more than one defendant.

As a rule, the process will proceed until there is a resolution or the case settles. The lawyer will have finesse when attempting to reach for a more reasonable compensation while not “alienating the defendants.”

●    The time will come when your lawyer will advise that you settle

The most significant advantage of working with a truck accident lawyer is their keen sense of knowing when they have reached the cap. While negotiations are an essential aspect of a case, they won’t be able to go on endlessly.

When there’s a reasonable settlement on the table, you’ll need to know to accept it when you have the opportunity. With their experience, an attorney will know precisely when that moment arrives. The expert will examine the offer, consider the pros and cons, and determine whether it’s reasonable.

It should cover medical costs, pay loss, and any financial circumstances you’re coming up against. After lawyer costs and legal fees, you should clearly understand your recovery.

Final Thought

When in an accident with a heavy truck or semi, passengers in the vehicle involved will undoubtedly be severely injured, and often there are fatalities due to the destruction and devastation these heavy machines have the potential to cause.

A truck accident lawyer can be beneficial in helping get compensation from a team of company lawyers or a self-employed driver to assist with extensive medical care expenses, pay loss, and other financial circumstances resulting from the collision.

While going through a traumatic recovery, let a professional help with the logistics of the truck accident claim.

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