Features You Will Need in Your Employee Time Clock Software


Time tracking is essential for businesses of all sizes. As a business owner, you need to accomplish the maximum in the least amount of time. A superior time tracking system will do much more than track time for payroll.

Timekeeping systems have evolved a lot in recent years. From punch-in cards to biometric to time tracking software, the market has seen many inventions. Every new system is working to overcome the disadvantages of the previous one. Which system should you adopt, and what should any time tracking software possess? Read to know more.

Manage Payroll

Payroll integration is essential with time tracking. Any suitable time clock software should track when the employee clocked in and out, the number of breaks taken, absence due to meetings and special events, etc. This feature is significant for organizations hiring employees on a per-hour basis. The integration process for payroll should also be smooth to avoid any end-of-the-month hassles.


The software of your choice should be easy to use and navigate. A confusing interface will cause delays, and it will create more bottlenecks in the long run. Remember, your employees would be comfortable with software systems that are easy to use and understand.

The software must also have the capability to run across different platforms, computers, mobile phones, etc. Also, check the installation time it takes.

Ability to Report

The time clock software should have a robust reporting system with multiple options, like reporting for attendance, absence, overtime, payroll issues, etc. Leaves for sickness or leaving work early should be tracked regularly. The data collected should be flexible to be used in any way wanted as per the company’s needs. Reports should be customizable too.

GPS Tracking

For companies with several cars operating, like cabs and taxis, a GPS tracking system is helpful. The GPS can run in the background on the employee’s mobile phone while they are working. The data collected should be sent back to the time clock software.

Mileage Tracking

Some companies, especially those focused on in-person sales, require their employees to frequently travel out of their offices. Most companies provide cars for such travel.

If employees need to use personal vehicles, reimbursements become tough to calculate. The time tracking software will be able to track the mileage of the employee’s car and, accordingly, calculate the amount to be reimbursed.

Well Built Dashboard

Your time tracking software must have a well-designed dashboard. Whether it is payroll, reporting, or scheduling, everything you need must be present on the dashboard. There should be a feature for customer support, alerts, emails, etc. Most software provides customizable dashboards to suit the client’s needs.

An efficient way to ensure your chosen software has all the features you want is listing down your needs. The problems you face with your current system will determine the features you need in your new software dashboard.


A few time tracking systems also have space to store biometric settings. Biometric, together with timekeeping, will ensure the accurate time is recorded, and there is no loss or theft of time, no substitute data punching, etc.

Lately, many companies running on biometric are switching over to time clock software. However, before the change is done, it is good to invest in software that handles both biometric and electronic punching. Compare your options before selecting any software based on pricing, features, and compatibility.

Time clocking software today offers a host of features and regular updates of better features. Any software with free trial periods should be used before finalizing it. Read reviews and research through all available options to pick the one that fits your budget and all your needs.


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