Is HBO Max a threat to Netflix?


The coronavirus pandemic has left people trapped inside their homes, finding ways to pacify themselves through entertainment shows and movies. Cinemas also were shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. People were left to turn to the internet and TV to fulfill their boredom. This gave the chance to streaming services to boost their sales and increase subscribers’ growth. Streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc. got pretty competitive in the race to gaining as many subscribers as they could. Netflix has around 208 million subscribers worldwide and 74 million in the US and Canada alone, so it stands high before the rest of the streaming services.

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Netflix’s competition

If you look at other streaming services that are challenging Netflix’s growth, HBO Max appears to have made a big leap ever since its induction in May 2020. Quick information about HBO Max: It is a streaming service, with over 10,000 hours of content, generated by Warner Media to broadcast movies, series, and documentaries to its subscribers in the US and worldwide (only Latin America and some countries in Europe at the moment). Although it shares the name with the original HBO, it has no affiliation with the original HBO, but it does stream movies, TV series, and documentaries from HBO.

Moving on from its launch onto the end of the year 2020, HBO Max had over 41.5 million domestic subscribers and 53.8 million subscribers worldwide. However, this year, at the end of July 2021, it increased to around 67 million subscribers worldwide. Johannes Larcher, who is known to be heading the HBO Max Global has claimed that HBO Max is positively received in Europe since movies and series like the Harry Potter series, Game of Thrones, and The Big Bang Theory are loved by fans, who are also subscribers of HBO Max. HBO Max aims to extend their list of movies and TV series to provide convenient and on-demand viewing content to its subscribers worldwide. Their goal is to reach out to 70-73 million subscribers by the end of 2021.

What has HBO Max got over Netflix?

Wikipedia lists one of the horror/suspense TV shows aired by HBO Max, Lovecraft Country, as the first in the Top Ten TV shows. It beat Netflix’s most-watched horror/suspense TV shows like Lucifer, The Umbrella Academy, Dark, Peaky Blinders, etc. (which came in second, third, fourth, and fifth respectively) and that says a lot about its progress. Wikipedia gives a general idea about what TV shows are considered to grasp the audience’s attention even though it is not considered the most reliable of sources. Nevertheless, the fact that one TV show was able to beat on all four of Netflix’s TV shows of the same genre remains that HBO Max has the potential to take over the streaming services globally.

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HBO Max contains an extensive list of movies and TV shows that were being aired on multiple HBO platforms and channels. HBO Max also has exclusive originals that are not available to original subscribers. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, studios had to release their movies via streaming services and HBO Max took advantage of the situation and brought the streaming rights. All Warner Bros. and DC movies were released on HBO in 2021 and will continue to do so. Moreover, the release of Friends: The Reunion gave HBO Max the highest boost of subscribers, so much so that it crashed when Friends: The Reunion was launched.

Just as the rise of Apple was Nokia’s downfall, Netflix appears to have been challenged by HBO Max in the same way. Although it operates in about 190 countries around the world, more than HBO Max, Netflix has reached a standstill since 2013, when House of Cards was launched and the actor Kevin Spacey got into a sexual assault scandal, leading to the tarnishing of Netflix’s reputation. Its domestic market is hitting bumps on the roads; the show Jupiter’s Legacy appeared to be its attempt to introduce superhero entertainment for its subscribers but it was immediately canceled after it was released. Compared to this, HBO Max’s Game of Thrones or Godzilla vs. Kong turn out to be a hit among the subscribers when it was released on air.

Jason Killer, the current CEO of Warner Media, said in an interview that a year ago HBO and HBO Max was generating hardly six billion US dollars, but now it had a sudden surge of eight billion US dollars, a gross increase of 39%, which is the fastest growth they have seen in years. Netflix may have the largest number of subscribers worldwide, but it appears that Netflix may need to up their game in streaming service if they wish to stay ahead of the competition.


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