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Fax is a professional method of communication, used by various companies to send and receive documents safely. In different parts of the world, it is a conventional method that is still in use. So, are you thinking of sending a fax internationally?

How about you do it online?

It is now possible with CocoFax.

Rather than embarking on those traditional ways of sending documents, CocoFax is the best-in-class overseas free fax sending solution. However, whether you are sending important faxes via the web, email, or with CocoFax messenger, faxing to an international number is relatively hassle-free.

CocoFax – A Quick Introduction

Its premium online fax service enables you to rapidly utilize international dialing codes to send faxes to distinct countries in some most straightforward steps diligently. Therefore, click here to start with this free fax sending procedure.

So, without wasting much time, let’s take a quick dive into the article.

Why do you use CocoFax service to send overseas faxes?

You must live somewhere else in terms of the fax recipient. So, the process might be significantly costly because of the colossal rate of international calling changes, especially if you use old conventional fax machines.

But nowadays, fax machines have become outdated in various countries, so it is very possible that sending international faxes is not convenient. Therefore, the cheapest and facile process is to utilize an online fax service that enables you to send a fax.

Here, CocoFax comes to the action! It lets you securely and effectively send a fax from your country to the recipient’s country in just a few minutes.

What do you require to fax internationally?

If you want to send and receive faxes without any issues, you just need to avail of CocoFax’s premium fax sending services, which don’t require much. A fax machine won’t be required or a phone line, or even any additional devices. So, here is the list of things you require to send a fax internationally.

  • Fax number

For both the international and local fax sending process, you need a fax number to send anything. Fortunately, CocoFax will provide you with a free fax number to send every kind of fax.

  • Online Fax number

A top-notch online fax service provides all facilities through the internet that the fax machine could provide. So, you can efficiently utilize this online fax service to expel the requirement of any extra hardware. Moreover, you can send faxes directly via your PC or phone with this incredible fax service.

  • Exit code

The exit code is one type of code, which needs to be entered at the very beginning of a fax document.

Hence, it belongs to the country from which you will be going to send faxes. Well, if you send faxes from the USA to another country, you have to enter that particular exit code, such as 011, before entering the fax number.

  • International country code

A country code is utilized to detect the country to which you send a fax. However, make sure to type the recipient’s fax id after the exit code. It will resemble the country code, which you dial before dialing an international call.

  • Fax address of the receiver

The receiver of your fax should send you his/her fax number to share the documents. So, if you have it, the complete fax address to send international fax will be like this:

[Exit Code] [International country code] [Fax number of the receiver]

Let’s take a glance at the example:

If you have a manufacturing industry in the USA and need to send overseas faxes to Japan spare parts manufacturers with the fax number ‘345678,’ the entire fax address will be 011 81 345678.

How to send a fax internationally online?

CocoFax provides every user with a hassle-free faxing experience of sending and receiving faxes internationally and locally. There will be some minimal changes in the fax address of the recipient, and the rest will be the same. So, have a look at the significant steps below:

Sending a fax via a web browser

Step #1

Visit the official site of CocoFax and register to open an account with it. After signing up, it will provide you with a completely 14-day free trial and opulence to opt for your fax number.

After registering, you will be redirected to your CocoFax dashboard. You may also access it behind time by logging into your account.

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Step #2

Now, all you have to do is hit the ‘send fax’ option on the right below corner of the dashboard. The new fax pop up window will open, where you have to fill in the details.

In the ‘To’ section, type the recipient’s fax address in the form mentioned above. However, the ‘cover page’ and the ‘note’ sections are optional and will be on the top side of the fax document.

The cover page is the first and foremost page of the fax document on the recipient’s end. You may also leave this section blank if you want!

The significant part of pre-sending fax is the attachment to be sent. You may utilize the paper clip icon to incorporate the fax document. Here, CocoFax supports various file formats, including .docx, .doc, .jpg, .jpeg, and .png.

Step #3

After cross-checking everything carefully, hit the ‘send’ option. So, it will be transferred quickly. After the fax is delivered to the receiver, you will get a confirmation mail that it has been successfully sent. If the fax is undelivered, you will get a letter regarding the same.

[NB: The general reasons for the failure could be typing of incorrect address or the receiver’s fax machine is busy or switched off. Frankly speaking, there would never be any issues or shortcomings on CocoFax’s end.]

Concluding words

In a nutshell, CocoFax offers distinct probabilities of sending faxes abroad. Hope this article provides adequate information regarding how to send international faxes without spending a dime.

Apart from a web browser, it allows its users to send any faxes from macOS, Android, Ms Word, Google Docs, Drive, and premium Box cloud storage. So, in order to avail of a free fax sending solution, you must utilize CocoFax.


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