How To Increase Your Customer Satisfaction?


Running a business isn’t easy, but is definitely worth it. With so many processes and operations within a business, one can easily overlook one of the most important business components – customer satisfaction.

People are those who decide if a product is worth their time, money, and energy. Therefore, they eventually decide if a brand is making it or not. If people love your product or service and you treat them right, your business will overcome every challenge.

Still, to keep people happy you need to maintain customer satisfaction and improve it if needed. Here is how you can do it while still maintaining your processes and operations.

Think About CRM

Finding customers for your business is never easy, and keeping them feels sometimes like a mission impossible. However, once you find them, you should do your best to keep them engaged and happy.

Running a business in the era of digital tools and solutions is pointless if you don’t harvest their power to boost your business.

Are you familiar with CRM (Customer Relationship Management)? CRM is software that helps you keep information about your business and customer in one place.

Some Main Benefits of CRM include:

  • Personalized communication
  • Storing important information in one place
  • Handling Social Media
  • Providing higher customer satisfaction
  • Having customer database

Over time, CRM can grow as your business grows, which is why you should do your best to do proper research and learn how to select a CRM – the one that will help you enable relationships with your customers, and create a bridge between your customer needs and your business offering.

Seek Feedback

Those who ask the right question never wander. Keeping it simple is sometimes the best way to know what people think. Therefore, probably the easiest, fastest, and most straightforward move that you can make is to ask for customer feedback.

Communication is more than 80% of running a successful business. Use surveys, various questionnaires, use social media to ask questions and collect answers – ask them about their experience and your offering, what they would love to see more of and how.

People love to see that businesses value their opinion, and for that, they will give you their insight.

Use Focus Groups

This is an old technique, but people still find it useful. In fact, the largest marketing agencies are still using focus groups to understand the market.

Focus groups should be carefully created, with a purpose, and the right potential customers. If you are not sure how to create one, contact any marketing agency and they will do that part for you.

This way you can focus on observing the group and use their insights to think about potential strategies on spot.

Be Honest With Your Marketing Strategies

People often get lost chasing results, forgetting what’s the important, and honest thing to do. Sure, it’s excellent to have a fast website, awesome photos, and regular content, but if you miss being honest, your business is set to fail. Keep customers’ expectations real!

Do not overpromise, or even worse try to trick them, because you want your service, product, and promise to match with the customer’s expectations.

Choose wisely your marketing efforts. Carefully craft a marketing strategy based on honesty, and not on lies and disrespect.

Remember: Customers don’t like to feel like fools. After all, they are giving you money for what you promise – stay real to that.

Investigate Online Comments

When someone invests their time to tell something about your service or product you should respect them. Moreover, you should love those moments, because you are getting valuable information on your business for free.

People are paying big agencies serious money to learn what the market thinks about their service or product, and thanks to reviews you are getting it for free.

So, you should capitalize on online comments and use them to gain a market advantage. After all – people talk. In fact, they talk all day long. They share their ideas, share things about their lives, their experiences, and what they love about specific business offers. Most importantly, they share it online.

Sometimes it’s even more important to hear negative interactions first because they trend a lot further than positive ones.

Online comments can provide valuable insights into ways you can improve customer satisfaction – use them wisely.

Experience The Journey Yourself

You may know the processes, the entire customer flow – you might even be the one responsible for creating it, but have you ever experienced it first-hand?

Sometimes, to understand something better you need to experience it. Simply said, you need to become your customer, and see how it feels to go through that customer circle.

You may get a review after purchase and check online comments to learn how satisfied customers are, or you can go through the customer journey and experience every touchpoint first-handed.

Why Don’t You Go Through the Experience Yourself?

Check every area – sign up for that demo and see how it goes.

Register a complaint and see how it goes – how much time does it take for your employees to reach out and how they are solving the problem. Are you happy with the outcome?

Order a product and see how it goes: are you satisfied with delivery time, packaging, and space for review? If not, you should act upon it.

Once you experience every stage first-hand, you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Moreover, you will know in which sectors you need to invest. This way you will have a more effective and efficient customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Extra Ways To Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Have a great customer support
  • Become a customer of your competitors
  • Visit your customer’s site
  • Thank your customers
  • Reduce wait times
  • Build a community
  • Keep your eye on what customers say and share about you on social media
  • Read customer reviews
  • Organize giveaways for most loyal customers
  • Have an annual event where your customers can appear
  • When possible offer discounts

Last but not least, know that an honest relationship can take you a long way.

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