Start your own Glamping Business


Have you always wanted to start your own glamping business? Glamping is a new phenomenon and it has become rather popular. It can be very profitable if you manage your business well, and you should also have fun while doing it. We’ll explain what glamping is, show you an example of a glamping tent that you can use for your business and give you tips for starting your business. Let’s get started!

What is glamping?

Glamping stands for the words glamor and camping. It is camping but in a luxurious manner like how you would be accommodated in a hotel. Glamping tents include a kitchen, sleeping areas with comfortable beds, a seating area, a bathroom and a terrace with garden furniture. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, but you can always opt for more expensive tents to suit your needs. But why glamp instead of camp? You can camp in the most random places where you normally wouldn’t be able to camp, like in the middle of a forest, at the coast or at the edge of a lake. And you don’t wake up with a water soaked tent or the sun that is shining too bright.

Crossover Lodge glamping tent

We’ll give you an example of a glamping tent that you can use for your business. Crossover Lodge is one of the best kinds of glamping tents to buy when you’re looking for quality. It can be placed everywhere and it is a real eye catcher. It has room for a whole family. It has two bedrooms, and the furniture in the whole unit is qualitative and sustainable. The bathroom has a rain shower. And you can easily invite guests over in your tent, because in the kitchen there is a large eating table. The terrace is roofed in and guests can sit there as well. You can use the tent the whole year round.

Your glamping business

But how to actually start your own glamping business? You will have to ask for a permit in the place where you want to start your glamping business, but there could be more rules that you will have to abide by where you reside. And what is the target audience that is going to reside in your glamping? Design your glamping and where you’ll place them for that audience. Are you going to accommodate families, single people, or rather, couples for example? Next up you’ll have to finance your glamping business. Make a thorough plan on how you’re going to finance your project. If you want to ask for a loan in a bank you’ll need to show your plan. You’ll also need a unique name for your business and you’ll need to register it. And how will you attract new customers? Make a website that is attractive to your customers, and promote your websites on bigger websites to attract more traffic. Goodluck!


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