The Benefits of Managed Print Solutions for Businesses


You may not have heard of managed print solutions, but they are a great investment for businesses to consider as they can help you run more efficiently and make certain savings. Essentially, the aim of managed print solutions is to monitor print activity within a company and make it a more streamlined process, which usually helps to reduce wasted resources.

Computer software is used to examine print patterns and habits across the various departments within a company to come up with solutions on how the business as a whole can be more efficient. This may flag up some interesting information. For instance, you may not even need to have multiple printing devices across each department, as some people might not even need one. This means you can free up space and consolidate your hardware, which will also help you cut back on electricity and maintenance costs.

Another reason why you should consider managed print solutions is because it allows you to automatically determine when the printers are running low on paper and/or ink and an order can be made at an appropriate time. The software also highlights when there is a malfunction on a device, which means that staff don’t have to waste time trying to repair it or figure out what might be wrong.

To summarise and help you make a decision, here are some of the key benefits of working with a manage print company:

  • Better Monitoring: Realtime tracking, and reporting allows management to oversee printing across each department within the company. This basically allows a business to figure out which departments are most in need of a printer and how much paper and ink they might be wasting. As a result, cutbacks can be made and staff can be educated on how to save the company on resources, and therefore money.
  • Improves Productivity: One of the great things about managed print solutions is that smart notifications can be set up which alert the user when a particular printer is busy and re-route the job to a different device. This improves productivity because it means that staff aren’t wasting time loitering at a printer with a long queue.
  • Increases Security: Another smart feature of managed print solutions is that it asks users to authenticate the job, meaning documents are only printed when the user is ready to retrieve them. This is great for security because it means that documents aren’t left at the printer to be misplaced or stolen.
  • Reduces Costs & Waste: By streamlining print jobs, there will be less waste, which saves on money.
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