The Multiple Ways ‘Going Green’ could be Good for your Business 


The first 20 years of this century have brought into stark focus the true impact humans have had on our environment.

From melting glaciers and polar ice caps to searing hot summer temperatures and forest fires, there’s now little doubting the harm we’ve caused our planet. Indeed, scientists now predict we’re facing a ticking clock in terms of the way we’re treating the Earth. Furthermore, all evidence suggests that, if we don’t take steps soon to reduce our emissions and mitigate the strain we’re putting on the earth’s resources, we will soon reach the point of no return where we irreversibly change our world.

Why going green isn’t just good for the environment

The role of business and manufacturing in the impending climate catastrophe is beyond question, however, taking a more environmentally friendly approach to your operations will do more than just benefit the health of the planet and could even bring offshoot advantages to your company:

Increased customer base: Studies suggest consumers are now more aware than ever of the damage we’re doing to the Earth and are increasingly voting with their wallets in terms of choosing greener firms. In today’s highly competitive, cut-throat business world, taking a green approach could help single you out from your rivals and give you a competitive edge.

The cost savings offered by greener policies: It’s widely accepted that taking an eco-friendlier approach to your operations will, more often than not, result in additional cost savings. Even just simple acts like moving to more energy-efficient LED bulbs or reducing paper use in your firm could have a significant impact. Also, remember the Rs of waste management – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. In particular, recycling is especially important for the environment and could even see you making a small profit from your waste if bundle it using recycling compactors then sell the waste to a specialist firm.

Increase brand loyalty: Moving to greener working practices can often have a positive effect on your existing customers and help build brand loyalty. Also, with the increasing awareness of climate change, consumers are more likely to recommend firms that actively promote eco-friendly working practices.

Help future proof your firm: At the recent 2015 Paris Agreement, 196 leaders from the world’s most powerful and wealthy countries signed a treaty stating their intention to reduce the rate of global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius (ideally to 1.5 degrees) over the coming century. If your firm isn’t actively following green operating practices, you’ll likely face fines or similar punitive measures over the coming years. The changes you make today will be of undoubted benefit tomorrow so there’s no time like the present to get started.

Improve employee morale and attract the best staff: Millennials and Gen Z-ers are more environmentally aware than any other previous generations meaning, if you don’t adopt eco-friendly practices, you’ll be unlikely to attract and hold on to the best talent as they become the employees of tomorrow.


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