How to Become the Top Notch Distributors?


The top notch distributors are one of the prime distributors in the architectural door hardware industry. Since 1975, they have been the principal provider of architectural door hardware products to dealers all around the United States of America. The top notch distributors company offers over 80 market-leading brands of commercial, residential, and electronic access control systems.

Top notch distributors have always been inventive in their progressive and marketing in the deployment of advanced technology to support operations. With over 250 employees and about 100 vendor partners all across the four operational hubs, the top notch distributors are recognized by integration, contract hardware, locksmith channel communities, lumber yard, and low voltage as a prime provider of advanced technologies. They are the most trusted partner to whom we can rely upon to support our projects.

Becoming the top notch distributors:

One of the biggest challenges you face today in the distribution industry is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Customers expect incredible distribution services from you. In this way, becoming notch distributors has become very crucial to us. Following are the ways that can help you become the top notch distributors.

Always committed to help your customers:

If you want to become the top notch distributors in your city, you need to be committed to helping your customers arrive at the best possible solution, the highest level of satisfaction, and the best value. Yes, that’s the most valuable and rare thing. That is the reason why top notch distributors have become the most strategic partners.

Provide good training and customer support:

Becoming top notch distributors requires you to provide high performing solutions to your customers. Make sure that you assist your clients in the best possible way. Always ensure to provide quality training with incredible customer support that makes you proud in front of your customers.

Maintain strong relationship with your clients:

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that you are maintaining a very strong relationship with your customers. Always seek to maintain a healthy bond with your clients, vendors, employees, and manufacturers that are based upon the mutual understanding of their ambitions and needs.

Have the right people on your phone:

If you are interested to become one of the top notch distributors, make sure that you are having the right people on phones, on the execution team, and in the warehouses. This is essential to maintain a good culture and your commitment to customer care.

 Offer quick shipping services:

Top notch distributors can offer the same day of sales, shipping, and customer support from 7 a.m to 8 p.m. Always ensure to deliver all orders on time. If you want to become the top notch distributors, make sure that you offer quick shipping services to your clients.

Think about your logistics:

A distributor needs to think about the logistics. It is good to think that from where your inventory is coming and where you are going to store your inventory. Do you know that logistics are the monumental component of the triumph of a distributor? Becoming the top notch distributors demands you to stay organized and have well-defined strategies for the operations.


Conclusively, the top notch distributors is always well known for its legendary customer services. Becoming the top notch distributors requires you to give your employees complete authority and autonomy to do everything that takes to satisfy your customer’s needs. Because this is the only way through which you can create good customer loyalty.


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