Things to Keep in Mind When Starting a Business in the U.S


Success doesn’t come easily. However, you can lessen the hurdles on your path if you are ready for them. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when starting a business in the U.S, especially if it’s your first time.

Here they are:

Commitment equals success

“Are you willing to push this business until your last breath?” This may seem like an exaggerated question to ask yourself, but it’s not. If you really want a  business of yours to grow, you must be willing to stick with it until the end.

If your answer is yes, this just means that you’ve found the perfect business. The perfect business must appear relevant even after two generations. Look at incoming major changes in the world. Will people still see your products valuable? If not, then think of another concept.

Commit to your business the moment you find the perfect idea. Always aim for steady improvements.

Business means a lot of data

Get ready for a lot of data management — a lot of numbers, a lot of names, a lot of data!

Data will be the lifeblood of your business. How will your business be going after three years? Data will tell you the answer to this question.

If you are not a fan of computers, get ready to hire someone who is. You’ll be needing someone to organize your data for you. This is for the tracking of your business’ operations, strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need this to assess your losses and gains — necessary for future innovations and improvements.

Marketing is your key to success

Pour a generous amount of budget to your marketing. Majority of businesses apply the 5 percent rule. Invest 5 percent of your revenue to marketing strategies.

Strengthen the reach of your advertisements by involving your brand to new trends and fads.

Learn all the marketing strategies that other businesses use. Make sure that you do better than them. It’s the purpose of marketing. You’ll have to compete with other businesses’ ways of shouting their brands and services. Consider building an online platform for your products, reviews and maybe even a blog. Do paid advertisements in newspapers and on the radio. If you can afford visuals such as billboards or posters, go get them. Marketing is all about creativity and “why nots.”

There will be a lot of requirements

Opening a business, especially in the U.S is not as easy as signing up on Facebook. It’s actually more than that. You’ll need a lot of documents to support the legality of your business. You’ll always be doing things in accordance with the law.

Take for example businessmen from other countries who would like to open a store or invest in the US. They can’t simply enter the stream of the US economy without having a non-immigrant visa. Let’s take an E2 visa as an example, and as per Ashoori Law, it’s necessary for non-U.S citizens to acquire one to be able to operate a business in the country.

If you are not that verse with the law, consider hiring a business lawyer. A lawyer will assist you to acquire needed documents and create legal papers such as non-disclosure agreements, bylaws, and memorandums.

Customers over anything else

Always think about what your customers want. Don’t think about what the business wants for itself. If you think about it, it’s actually your customers who are maintaining the existence of your business: they pay for your bills, your employees’ salary and expansions.

Always take the opportunity to ask about what your customers think that can improve your services. Assign someone in your team to connect with the people. Be present on social media platforms.

Learn to compete with others

Give importance to your products by giving them the best quality you can give. Fight for a spot on the top stage to be able to reach a bigger audience and serve more customers better than others. Success in the U.S business world is such a big fish to catch, so better prepare yourself and your budget.


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