Top 5 Tips for Car Maintenance


In any country, a car is the most important tool for transportation, but especially in Australia. If you live in an oz state such as the ACT, with its vast landmass and distance between locations, owning your own vehicle is a necessity. Nearly every resident will undergo the vehicle buying process, from searching for the perfect ride to obtaining car finance in Canberra. Once a vehicle is secured in order to make sure that it stays safe and healthy over time, regular maintenance needs to be performed on it so that it can run smoothly without any problems.

The following 5 tips will help you with your car maintenance:

Inspecting and Maintaining tyres

Tyres are a major factor when it comes to safety as well as fuel efficiency. The tread should always be deep enough to provide sufficient traction on the road. It’s also worth checking for signs of damage and uneven tyre wear on the inner side of the tread.

We should also check tyre pressure regularly and inflate it as necessary to keep them from getting worn out too soon. It’s important that we drive with a proper level of air in your tyres which will ensure safety while driving. It’s recommended to check tires a minimum of twice a month.

Changing the oil

There is no single measure that can add more years to your engine and reduce your cost for maintenance than regular oil changes. It’s important to change the oil regularly in order to keep our car running smoothly without any kind of clogging or malfunctioning problem. Oil should be changed every 3000 miles (5000kms).

Checking the fluids

Another important part of car maintenance is checking the engine’s coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid regularly. We should also fill it up in order to maintain its proper level. When you need to refill any kind of fluid we need to make sure that we do it with the correct type and right amount otherwise it can have some serious problems. Also, we need to make sure that the cap is on tight otherwise our car will be damaged during its journey.

Testing the lights

We should make sure that all of our vehicle’s lights are working properly before setting out for a drive. Headlights, brake lights and turn signals need to work as intended or else we will not be able to drive safely during the night and in bad weather conditions.

Get your car serviced by a professional mechanic

It’s important to get our car regularly serviced by a professional mechanic. We should make sure that all of their belts, spark plugs, oil changes and other fluids are changed on time and performed by a professional mechanic.

In conclusion, regular car maintenance is surely the best way to keep our car in good condition and healthy throughout its lifetime. We should try our best to perform these 5 tips on a regular basis so that we can make sure that our car will be safe and drive without any kind of problem.


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