6 Types Of Compensation You May Get After A Car Accident

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When a car accident happens, you’ll be in a frenzy of negative emotions, may it be rage or anxiety. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may even be temporarily or permanently injured and unemployed. Some of these injuries are long-lasting and untreatable, thus, disabling you from moving or working as usual. Because the accident isn’t your fault, you’ll want to be properly compensated for all the damages you’ve suffered.

It’s always an unfortunate situation to be involved in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver. But the good news is, you’re at least entitled to several types of compensation that will aid your recovery such as:

1)Medical Expenses

First on this list are medical expenses. Should you have suffered any kind of injury because of the accident, you can always seek this compensation from the at-fault party. These medical expenses include present and future expenses. If you’ve suffered from long-term or severe physical injuries, this means your treatment has to be ongoing without a definite date of recovery. This includes physical therapy and rehabilitation, for instance.

Medical expenses are easy to prove as long as you have your hospital records, a medical certificate, and receipts to show. This enables you to focus on your rehabilitation and recovery, without worrying about paying medical bills out of your own pockets.

2) Lost Income

Like medical expenses, compensation for lost income also includes present and future wages. If your injuries require long-term care, you may be permanently disabled from going to work. This is what constitutes your future expenses, and your personal injury lawyer will have to do the computation for you.

If your injuries are minor, you’re still entitled to lost income to cover for those days when you weren’t able to report to work, since you were in the hospital recuperating.

3) Pain And Suffering

The injuries you may incur during a car accident aren’t only limited to physical injuries. You can also be justly compensated for moral damages, or the pain and suffering you’ve sustained, as a result of the accident. Once the existence of moral damages has been proven by your lawyer and a third-party psychologist or psychiatrist, you can claim compensation for your trauma, sleepless nights, and anxiety resulting from the accident.

The laws for every state may differ. Thus, the fixed amount of moral damages you’re entitled to will be determined by the court. This is influenced by factors such as:

  • The impact of the injury to the person’s livelihood
  • The severity of the injury

4) Property Damage

You can also claim compensation for property damage and other personal effects. This is especially true for car accidents since you’ll need to have your vehicle repaired. If your vehicle is beyond repair, its value will also be properly accounted for. Like medical expenses, property damage compensation is one of the easiest to prove, simply because you’ll have receipts from the auto repair shop to account for it.

5) Punitive Damages

In some jurisdictions, punitive damages are also legally referred to as exemplary damages. These are usually awarded to you, or the victim of the accident, as a form of penalty to the negligent driver. For instance, the accident occurred because the negligent driver was intoxicated. Punitive or exemplary damages will be charged to deter future bad behavior.

This deterrence doesn’t only apply to the negligent driver, but also other drivers. This penalty serves as an example to deter others from drinking and driving.

Like moral damages, the amount you’re entitled to receive for punitive damages is fixed by the court or your local laws.

6) Lawyer’s Fee And Filing Expenses

In case the negligent driver is uncooperative with the proceedings, you are entitled to other fees such as the filing fees. When you hire a personal injury or accident lawyer for this purpose, typically, these lawyers will charge you a contingency fee. This means the lawyer will not ask for payment upfront, but will only collect payment once you receive your settlement or win the case.

The amount for the lawyer’s fee or percentage is also predetermined, and this will be added to your claims depending on your agreement with your lawyer.


These are the types of compensation you’re entitled to when you meet an accident because of another driver’s negligence. Now that you’re aware of the possible types of compensation you’re entitled to, don’t sit on your rights nor ignore your injuries. Fight for your rights with a trusted personal injury lawyer. By doing so, you can focus on your recovery and move on from the unfortunate and traumatizing situation you’ve experienced.


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