6 Ways A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

biker helmet lies on street near a motorcycle accident

Getting into a motorcycle accident can be traumatic, especially if you don’t know the severity of the crash, how many people are involved, and how your injuries can affect your future. Other than the recovery period, there are complicated legal ramifications that you may face. Dealing with it alone can be more frustrating than the accident itself.

After the accident, expect your insurance company to approach you and offer you insurance settlement while you’re still recuperating. It will be tempting to sign the documents to accept the compensation right away. But if you hire experienced lawyers like the Avanessy Giordano Lawyers, you won’t have to deal with the paperwork constantly, and you’d have an attorney to represent you to the insurance firm.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Some motorcycle riders are known for sharing lanes, speeding, and driving recklessly. Although most riders obey road rules, a few can endanger their co-riders and co-vehicle owners. The most common causes of motorcycle accident injuries include driver inexperience, unsafe lane changes, drunk driving, speeding, and unsafe road conditions.

How A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

After a motorcycle accident, your insurance company will typically contact you within the week, so you must look for a lawyer to assist you in dealing with your insurance agent. Here are six ways a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you:

  • Connection with specialists

Experienced lawyers engaged with professionals from different industries. They know specialists such as doctors, forensic experts, accident reconstruction specialists, and vocational rehabilitation experts.

With the help of these specialists, your case will have a more robust legal standing, especially if you’re not at fault.

  • Prepare A Report Of The Accident to Your Insurance Company

Before reporting the motorcycle accident straight to your insurance company, you must first contact a lawyer that will represent you in all negotiations. You shouldn’t give your statement directly to your insurance company; it’s best to get your lawyer’s advice first.

  • Settlement Negotiation

These are benefits that can be awarded to anyone who was injured in a motorcycle accident. Victims included in a motor vehicle collision may include motorcyclists, passengers, and pedestrians. With your insurance, you can receive insurance proceeds for your treatment and recovery.

If you can’t work for months due to your injuries, you can avail of income replacement benefits. If you’re a student or retiree, you are eligible to receive monetary compensation paid per week starting six months after the accident.

  • Insurance Claims Knowledge

Partnering with a lawyer who can understand the complexity of motorcycle accident claims can help you negotiate a better settlement deal. The motorcycle accident victim may be entitled to be compensated for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Motorcycle replacement or repair
  • Medical costs
  • Limitations on housekeeping capacity
  • Wage loss

But before you can successfully start receiving your insurance claims, you must learn that there are several factors that might affect your insurance claims, such as:

  • The frequency, cost, and duration of treatment
  • The nature of impairment
  • The extent and nature of injuries
  • Additional expenses, such as paid help for snow shoveling, gardeners, and housekeeping

You must also know that the length of settling motorcycle accident cases might take up to four years before they reach their final resolution. Without a lawyer who can communicate with the insurance company legally, this may take up longer. Worse, you might not receive the benefits that you deserve.

  • Filling Out Long Forms

If your insurance company sent you a long-form, refuse to fill it out yourself. Look for a trusted lawyer first, and they will complete it for you. You can’t push through with your claim with incorrectly accomplished forms. These forms are essential in negotiating your insurance claim, and they are used to validate the details of the financial needs you could claim from the motorcycle accident.

  • Negotiating the Insurance Release

If you receive a release form from your insurance company, consult a lawyer first. These companies usually take advantage of their clients’ vulnerability to settle their claims quickly.

Accepting their offer without the help of a lawyer might cause you to lose your chance to receive fair compensation. It’s also important to note that applying for insurance benefits will not increase your insurance premium unless you’re responsible for the accident.


Getting into a road accident is stressful regardless of its severity. If you got involved in a motorcycle accident and wish to receive fair and just compensation, it’s best to contact a lawyer. A lawyer can help you deal with the legal system and negotiate the insurance release.

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