Which One is Better CA or ACCA?


If you aspire to tread the road of auditing or practising accounting as a profession then we are sure you are already familiar with the terms CA and ACCA. Most young graduates find it hard to choose between ICAI and ACCA when they are preparing to embark on their professional accountancy journey. Read on to find out why ACCA is a better choice for students to earn a globally accredited accountancy degree.

ACCA is Much Easier to Score than CA

The basic difference between ACCA and CA is the passing (or cut-off) percentage.ACCA is known to offer a much better (or lower) passing percentage than CA. It is because of this huge difference in the passing percentages that ACCA is automatically considered to slightly easier to crack as compared to CA.

In addition to this, ACCA exemption criteria for students who have acquired substantial qualification or work experience in the past. It also comes along with the flexibility where students can choose to attempt exams as per their convenience. These small refinements and details make ACCA papers slightly smoother to tackle than the CA exams.

ACCA Gives you an Extra Edge

Chartered accountants who already have ICAI qualification under the belt can acquire an extensive global exposure if they opt for ACCA.

ACCA combined with CA is a bang on accountancy career choice. With two of the most valuable accountancy degrees in the world, students can be sure to reach the ultimate professional success in no time.ACCA will not only gear you up for a managerial accountancy position but also make you qualified to be eligible for jobs globally, a venture that has no geographical boundaries.

ACCA Offers Lucrative Job Prospects

CA is no doubt a recognised and high yielding accountancy exam nationally, but it is not that much recognised around the globe. On the other hand, ACCA focuses more on global economic situations and is internationally recognised naturally.

Furthermore, ACCA qualified professionals can establish their business firm. This makes having an ACCA degree all the more crucial. It provides candidates with a wide range of choices or range of job profiles to choose from. You get to feel the confidence to indulge in finance and accounting related work across all regions of the globe.

ACCA Takes Lesser time to Complete

The time required to qualify as a CA is more, as it only allows students to pursue their article ship after they have cleared the IPCC (the second level). In the case of ACCA however, aspirants can pursue their article ship whenever feel is the best time for them.

So, if you are seeking to land a career within your country, then CA may be a better pick. For students who want to apply for jobs in any other preferred countries then an ACCA degree might get them there. Choose ACCA over CA today, and grab hold of the much-desired job in the blink of an eye! Apply to a preparatory course soon.


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