5 Tips for Adapting Your Business During the Coronavirus Crisis


Navigating the United States’ coronavirus crisis has thrown many businesses for a loop. It’s changed the landscape of search engine optimization, it’s impacted custom services, and it’s become harder for companies to secure organic traffic and visibility. Even the pros are still trying to work out how to cope with COVID-19 but the important thing is that there are still ways for your business to adapt.

From partnering with an SEO firm or digital marketing agency to boost your search results rank and organic traffic to rethinking your approach to social media and customer service, here’s what you need to know.

1. Keep up with your SEO

Even in these uncertain times, the value of SEO has remained consistent. SEO can help you improve your online presence, acquire conversions, and beef up your web design to better resonate with customers. Search engines like Google and Bing algorithms are prioritizing SEO-rich content marketing that can better address higher levels of user search. On top of that, while small businesses may be seeing less SEO traffic at the moment, the leads they’re acquiring are more likely to be qualified. If you need to rethink your SEO strategy, it’s never been a better time to do so, whether it’s local SEO, social media best practices, or on-page optimization.

2. Use a Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing

When it comes to your digital marketing strategy, are you doing everything you should? This includes following best practices, investing in SEO and PPC, and working with your team to reach your target audience more effectively while tracking analytics and ROI. It can be a lot for both startups and enterprise companies. That’s why it can be a good investment to find a digital marketing service offering. Whether this is with SEO companies or simply a digital marketing firm with an SEO team, some external assistance can’t hurt.

3. Focus on Customer Service

Customer Service

Whether you’re using bots to enhance the customer experience or you’re including live chat and SMS in your social media marketing, some omnichannel quality management for your contact center can’t hurt. In fact, with high volumes of contact center calls and requests, it can even aid your online visibility. If you’re not sure where to start, consider omnichannel contact center software like the Bright Pattern platform. Bright Pattern pays great detail to the functionality and integration of its platform and is staffed by true professionals. Using add-on vendor contact center software can be the best way to maintain relevance. Take a look at Bright Pattern’s cloud contact center solution to see how it can enhance your customer support strengths and minimize your response weaknesses.

4. Set More Realistic Goals

If you’re using an ambitious goal-setting methodology, you may be doing your business a disservice. Local businesses have had to temper their expectations fairly significantly and business owners need to readjust their priorities. Maybe this means focusing on smaller website design projects. Maybe it means a targeted SEO campaign that can help you measure results. Or maybe one of your goals is to focus on project management and improve the track record of your team’s specialists. Smarter goals can help propel you to the next level, even as the coronavirus crisis continues.

5. Stay on top of Digitalization

Aside from your search engine rankings and white hat marketing techniques, you’re still going to need to think about the digital insights you’ve gained from this period in time. They can help you maintain your status as a reputable company while also keeping your business future-forward. Whether this means permanent shifts to work-from-home models or a greater focus on omnichannel services, your web presence and advanced cloud-first approach could benefit you in the long run.

Whether you’re placing your business in good hands with an SEO agency to improve your website rank or you’re trying to craft a more personal customer experience, there are things business users can do to pivot during these times. It takes some innovation and experimentation, but it can be done.


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