Mistakes to Avoid When Customising Your Business Promotional Items


It is a common practice followed by businesses to use promotional products to reach potential customers. They can serve as an effective marketing tool that offers several benefits. For one, they can help get your brand in front of your existing and potential customers. They can also help you take care of your loyal customers by sending ‘thank you’ messages to show them that you appreciate and value their time and patronage.

But on top of these benefits, adding promotional products into your marketing strategy can be a perfect way to engage with your brand using a personal touch. Luckily, Unlike other marketing tools, you can customise promotional items to meet your business needs.

In general, investing in customised promotional items can help your business increase sales by providing your customers with a constant reminder of your brand, which causes them to do more business with you. However, customisation comes at a cost, and you need to carefully plan your marketing campaign to avoid blunders that could affect the success of your campaign.

Here are mistakes to avoid when customising your business promotional products.

Not Having a Promotional Strategy

The promotional products are communication tools that broadcast your brand message to your target audience. If you do not have a well-thought and clear promotional strategy, it would not be easy to achieve desired success.

Before selecting any promotional items for your campaign, you need to find the objective behind giving such items. Some of your marketing goals could be

  • Increasing your website traffic
  • Promoting a service or product
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Getting mailing list sign-ups

Each objective listed above needs a different promotional strategy. For example, suppose you want to increase your website traffic. In that case, the promotional product should mention your website address, and there should be some message on the promotional product that will encourage the gift receiver to check your website.

Once you have identified what you want to achieve by distributing promotional products, you can go ahead and choose a product, design, and message that fits perfectly as per your promotional strategy.

Ignoring Your Target Audience Preferences

Many businesses miss out on judging audience preferences when selecting promotional products, and the result is they end up giving products that the target audience does not like or value. Marketers often make the mistake of choosing their favourite items as promotional products ignoring the facts like their usefulness and popular trends in promotional products.

To be on the safer side, you need to research to find your target audience preferences. You can consider ongoing trends while selecting promotional products or think deeply about the needs of your demographic audience. It takes more than choosing a product that relates to your business when using it as a promotional item.

Conduct research on the hobbies and interests of your target audience to ensure the promotional product is well—received and helps you achieve your business objective. If you are a health or wellness company, you can gift masks or hand sanitizers that go with the current market trends.

If you are giving away promotional products during the rainy season, you can gift umbrellas with your company logo and slogan. If your target audience includes school and college-going students, you can select bags or pens as promotional products.

On the other hand, if you want to start promoting your brand within your organization, then promotional clothing items can be an excellent option. For example, if you want your employees to look more professional and on-brand, you may consider using promotional caps for your workplace. Aside from making them an integral part of your company uniform or workwear, they can also help them promote your brand wherever they go.

Thankfully, many companies are available in the market to help you customise caps for your organization. Just look for the right provider of promotional items within your area to get the job done right and without any problems.

Select a Generic Design

You should avoid selecting a generic design for the promotional product. Choosing a generic design fails to invoke interest in your brand, and you may not get the desired results. Remember, it is necessary that your promotional gift stands out in the crowd and attracts attention in public. Businesses think the customizing product is limited to imprinting logo and brand message, which is not valid.

You need to go one step ahead of your competitors and select a unique design for your promotional product to put a good impression on the receiver. While making a good impression, the promotional product should also resemble your brand in colour scheme, design, and message. Ensure to include a catchy slogan on your promotional gift that will provoke a positive reaction from your target audience.

Ordering the Wrong Size

If you plan to gift apparel or headwear, make sure you pay attention to the correct sizes. Many companies make the mistake of ordering the wrong sizes that lead to a waste of money. If you consider promotional apparel like business shirts, pants, shirts, hoodies, and jumpers, make sure you order various sizes. You can give your potential customers/gift receivers to choose their size of the promotional apparel.

If you are ordering promotional apparel for your staff, send a size chart to departments, ask them to provide their sizes, and place a purchase order accordingly. It will ensure the apparel people receive from your business fits perfectly, and they will enjoy wearing the clothes you gifted them. Another thing to keep in mind is body fit- regular or slim.

You can also ask the manufacturer to select clothing where sizing won’t be a problem. Don’t forget to ask for size samples and test them on people to see how they fit.

To sum up, businesses have to spend a significant amount of money on customised promotional products. Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above will ensure you get appreciation from your potential customers and your promotional products give you good ROI in the form of more customers and revenue.

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