How E-Commerce Has Changed the Face of the Beauty Industry


E-commerce is taking over the retail industry. With the current global situation and the advancements in technology, everybody is literally glued to their computer and cellphone screens when it comes to purchases. E-commerce has converged with every industry catering to our needs, both in the essential and non-essential categories.

One sect greatly benefitting from e-commerce is the beauty industry. E-commerce has allowed the beauty industry to push innovation and challenge consumer expectations with the advancements they have made. This has awoken every brand in the industry to up their game and make developments in marketing.

With this, let us see how e-commerce has changed the beauty industry.

  • Shift towards natural from artificial – Gone are the days when consumers would gawk at photoshopped models who look absolutely flawless. Consumers nowadays are more into the natural look and beauty. People clamor for relativeness and authenticity so they demand for natural looks from the beauty industry. E-commerce is a great factor in this since it has introduced consumers to the concept of beauty bloggers and vloggers. These are just ordinary people who are sharing their insights on particulars brands and products and have made it relatable to everyone. This has a great impact towards the shifting markets of various products. With the growing requirement for natural beauty products and cosmetics, e-commerce is being tapped to increase overall revenue for the beauty industry.

Natural also encompasses the ingredients from which these beauty products are made of. Promotion of sustainable living and ways of life is rising and many consumers demand for natural, organic and toxin-free products. This is being dubbed as “clean” beauty. The increase in global awareness for sustainability was brought about by the consciousness spreading through e-commerce channels. And this is not just with the ingredients, this includes the packaging as well. Many are now abhorring single-use plastics and are demanding for eco-friendly packaging. The demand for cruelty-free, non-toxic and organic beauty products have never been this high.

  • Personalization of products – Personalization of products are brought about by digital engagement. Through e-commerce, the demands and requests of the mass consumers are being heard and taken into consideration. With the variety of skin types, colors and pigmentation, consumers are now looking to products to adjust to their needs. Consumers tend to gravitate towards products that they see are personally made and suited for them. The feeling of inclusivity has been cultivated through e-commerce marketing, using influencers and celebrities to market beauty for all regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality and color.

This also applies to personalization of online shopping and orders. E-commerce sites rely on information and algorithms to make customer experiences as personalized as possible. With the consumer information provided, it is easier for sites to make the customer browsing experience pleasurable and individualized. From what we browse online, sites have algorithms set in place to direct us to similar products or discounts for the same product. It makes the shopping experience easy and fun. Many sites such Asian Beauty Wholesale offer discounts specific to your skincare or cosmetic needs. Click here to find out more about their personalized offers and great products. Going back, personalization through e-commerce site has impacted the beauty industry a great deal.

  • Online customer services at its peak – Even without personally being there to shop, online stores have made it so that consumers will be guaranteed a great and satisfying shopping experience. With the progress of technology, smart beauty trends and tools are now being utilized. Things such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) are making it easy for consumers to rely on just online shopping for their beauty and cosmetic needs. These systems are made available to provide the ultimate customer service online. Multi-brand platforms have made it easier to shop for a variety of brands and products in one site. The ease of which is quite popular with consumers. With all the information provided online, it is easier for consumers to make an informed decision before purchasing.

Real time chat support is also a great way to provide customer support when needed. Having someone online to guide you through purchases is reassuring and encouraging. Chatbots are also great tools for online shopping sites. Responsiveness is foremost when it comes to customer service and support.  It is with these tools that consumers are provided with a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience.

Positive feedback and reviews are very significant in having an e-commerce site. From the look and layout of the website, the service and support and product satisfaction; it is important to always factor in the overall customer experience. Even new brands can amass a major following and acquire major revenue if given the right e-commerce mileage and if they provide a great customer online shopping experience.

It’s very safe to say that e-commerce has absolutely changed the face of the beauty industry, and dare we say made it more appealing. It’s showing no signs of slowing down and we honestly couldn’t be happier about that.


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