How Can Tow Truck Drivers Earn Additional Income


With so many new ways to earn money emerging, starting a side hustle has become quite common. If you have a tow truck, you can use your spare time to earn extra cash by utilizing your truck in different ways. Since your vehicle has the power to tow, move, and deliver huge bulky items, you can use this feature to your advantage and find multiple opportunities to make good money. Unlike other gigs, you won’t have to face any additional cost since you already own a tow truck with which you can start your side hustle.

Here are a few ways tow truck drivers can earn a supplemental income.

Moving Service

Transporting or moving items for people is a booming business. People who have to move large items like vehicles, home furniture, kitchen appliances, or other items, would want to do it themselves, but owning a truck can be expensive. That is why they have to contact a moving service company to do the job for them. You have the option of either charging customers by starting your own moving service or working for an existing company. Many companies allow you to work on your own time and get paid by the hour or the order. Regardless of what method you want to opt for, both can help you earn some cash.

Deliver Food

Another great way to make money with your truck is by joining a food delivery company. Once you ensure that your truck meets the requirement, you can start picking up food from restaurants and delivering it to customers’ locations. Aside from earning cash based on the delivery distance and time, there’s a probability of receiving tips. However, a much more lucrative method of earning money is to work for catering companies. This is because your truck can carry large quantities of food that restaurants want to timely deliver to their customers without having to constantly drive your truck back and forth.

Reselling Cars

Many people try to find ways to dispose of their old cars that are no longer working. It can be difficult to transport them to a junkyard, especially if they don’t run. However, selling them directly to a junk car buyer might be a more simple way to dispose of them. You can purchase these worn-out cars from such customers, and transport and resell them to a local salvage yard. If you’re facing trouble finding a junkyard or buyer in the United States, especially in New York, you can resell those unwanted cars at UsJunkCars NYC where you will be provided with quick and reliable customer service, making the process easier and simple. They accept all kinds of cars that have either been damaged or don’t run anymore. Regardless of where you live in the US or what condition the car is in, this auto junkyard service will give you the money on spot. This way you can earn a decent amount of money by reselling cars using your tow truck.


Another easy way to earn passive income is by placing ads on your truck. This way, you just need to get your vehicle wrapped in advertisement banners and drive your truck. Depending on your location and the company you work with, you’ll get paid to drive a certain amount of miles. Once the campaign has ended, you can remove the wrap from your vehicle. This way you’ll earn money without having to do any additional work.

Sell Scrap Metal/Junk

Since you have a large vehicle, it can be easy to haul scrap metals or other recyclables and start a junk removal or recycling business. Before you get started, check for competitors in your location. The area you’re selling in also affects the rate at which the items will be sold. There are many items you can sell to a local recycling company like kitchen appliances, metals, or tires.

Hotshot Trucking

Hauling or delivering time-sensitive items to a certain location is called hotshot trucking. Many individuals or business owners don’t think it makes sense to rent a large rig to deliver small or medium-sized items. It’s similar to towing but not everyone can do it, so if you have time, hotshot trucking can be a great source to earn money. Since those items need to be delivered locally near the region, you won’t have to spend a lot of time hauling loads. By having the necessary equipment and a CDL license, you can start your side truck hauling business.

Owning a truck can be costly, towing cars alone might not be enough to pay the bills. By following one of these ideas, you can use your vehicle to start a profitable side hustle. Explore and select which niche works the best for you while considering the time it will require from you. Opportunities like hauling junk or reselling junk cars can prove to be profitable yet easy.


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