3 High Paying Truck Driving Jobs You Should Know About


Do you enjoy spending your days mainly on the open road with only your thoughts and the scream of the engine? Then you must be a built trucker. However, opting to become a pro trucker is only the first stage in the choice process. Now you must determine what sort of trucker to be. And besides, you’ll want to be sure you get in the proper location in this pretty complicated business so that you may optimize your potential earnings and your job pleasure. Despite these hurdles, some are succeeding, and there’s still plenty of profit to be gained in trucking CDL jobs. Here’s a rundown of a few of the highest-paying truck driving jobs around nowadays right now. Have a look.

Tanker Hauler

Tanker trucks are all those that transport liquid such as freshwater or fuel. You’ll need to obtain your CDL validated to conduct this specific work, which may be both dangerous and challenging as liquid cargo might be unstable. But it is among the top paying trucking jobs—fuel tank drivers make as much as $70,000 per year.   Hauling hazardous chemicals such as gasoline and a range of corrosive and explosive liquid fluids gives significant remuneration for the labor. The driver is delivering risky products, but they are often exposed to chemical vapors while pumping off hazardous substances.

Team Driving

Specific teams are financially successful. It is frequently believed that driving in a team is the quickest and easiest method to become a wealthy truck driver, as it is one of the top paid trucking professions. One of the issues with teams would be that the drivers frequently experience burnout. While the schedule is theoretically legal, the drivers are physically incapable of maintaining the frantic, stressful schedule for lengthy periods.

The carrier’s rate of compensation and the number of miles given are always enticing. However, load delays and inclement weather limited teams’ mileage. Married couple teams can do admirably well if both drivers are competitive. They may live on the road for extended periods if required and are not bound by any duties about home time. A team’s performance is contingent on a variety of factors, including the capacity of the trucking firm for which they work to arrange their loads successfully. Team drivers collaborate to travel twice as far and twice as fast. You won’t get many breaks in this industry outside of the truck, but you will make incredible time—and money. A team truck driver earns an average of $50,000 per year.

Diver Hazmat

As with tanker hauling, hazardous material hauling is another option to step up your game. By adding this endorsement to your CDL, you may significantly boost the amount of tanker hauls you are qualified to accomplish. By obtaining approval for your CDL, you have access to a specialized (and profitable) sector of jobs. Additionally, Hazmat drivers are guaranteed a weekly wage of at least $1,000 after one year of service. While the job is risky since you will be delivering potentially lethal compounds, the compensation is excellent, and hazmat drivers are in great demand.


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