How to Nurture Talent in Your Business


Research has found that businesses that nurture talent experience increased business growth, customer satisfaction and improved company culture. Nurturing talent allows you to create a team of engaged, productive and innovative employees. With employees being one of a business’s most valuable assets nurturing talent is a critical process every company operating today should be utilizing.

Embrace Learning as a Core Value

As explains, embracing learning as a core value within your company can be hugely influential when nurturing talent. This is because offering learning opportunities allow talent to grow and excel professionally. Embracing learning as one of your company’s key values helps you to grow talent offering immediate benefit. Increased learning opportunities will not only help talent excel but also grow in confidence. This means that your staff will feel more empowered to share their expertise and knowledge.

Embracing learning as a key company value will have an immediate impact and long-term benefits. This is because your key talent will not grow tired of their current position. You have shown your staff that you value their professional development, which means that they will be much more inclined to continue working at your organization.

Be Competitive with Salary and Benefits

To attract and keep the top talent, you need to be able to offer your staff a competitive salary. Even if your employees are very happy within your organization, if you cannot offer them a competitive salary, they are unlikely to remain working for your business for long. In fact, one recent study found that 45% of people quit their job due to reasons concerning salary.

Be Appreciative

It is important not only to show your employees that you value them by offering them a competitive salary but also to show staff appreciation. Showing your talent that you appreciate them regularly can greatly impact job satisfaction, employee morale, and workplace happiness. Research has found that regularly showing appreciation for your staff can increase engagement, productivity and company loyalty.

Showing staff that you appreciate them does not involve costly bonuses; all it takes is clear communication and feedback. Try to be thoughtful to the individual and their needs and make rewards and feedback as personalized as possible.

Nurture Professional Aspirations

Nurturing talent does not only involve a focus on what your staff can directly offer your organization. Many business owners might be reluctant to nurture talent if they do not see a clear internal path of progression. After all, what is the point of nurturing talent if they will soon leave and go and work elsewhere?

Even if you do not have a set path to promote talent, it is still important that you nurture your staff. You should regularly ask your staff about their professional goals and aspirations. Having a team of motivated staff will hugely benefit you short term, as they are much more likely to work harder and be more productive. Even if your talent ends up working elsewhere, the culture of professional development will not go unnoticed. Being known to nurture talent will help your company attract more talented professionals in the future.

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