Internet Speed Issues and How to Resolve Them


Internet speed issues are part of the everyday routine for most people. The dependency on the internet is growing with each passing day and no one could get their hands off it. Whether you are in a shopping mall, sitting at a café, or lying in your comfortable bed, the internet cannot be isolated from your life.

The blessings of the internet are outnumbered. Whether you are a remote worker, freelancer, student, vlogger, blogger, or just a random person who loves to watch videos and play games, unless the speed is not optimal, nothing can be done.

When speed issues arise, our bright days turn into a nightmare and we can’t think of anything else. The first step to avoid this situation is to search for someone offering highly reliable services without compromising on quality and speed.

Searching for internet service providers with a good reputation is a challenge for most people. But one of the service providers that are available in more than 40 states across the United States is said to be one of the best providers. You might have guessed we are talking about Spectrum offering special plans and packages to internet users countrywide. If you look at spectrum internet promociones, you will come to know that it offers unlimited data allowance, free internet modem, and speed starting from 200Mbps. That’s enough to help you stay connected throughout the day and perform heavy and light internet activities without throttling speed.

Also, it is not necessary that you may not face any internet issues at all. Especially if you are using another service provider, you might face some issues that we will discuss shortly.

Let’s talk about some of the internet speed issues that may arise from time to time and how to fix them without doing much. Keep reading and make sure not to miss any point.

Your Plan Needs an Upgrade

Internet problem is not only due to the problems at the backend. You can find many internet plans with most of the service providers. The best option is to choose the one with the lowest price. However, when it comes to speed most people ignore the fact about how much speed they need.

To make it simple, it all depends on the number of members living in the house. For instance, a home with only two people requires anywhere between 25Mbps to 50Mbps. However, if the family is big and there are over eight to ten members, the plan must be selected accordingly. Most internet users normally stream movies on 4K, play high-resolution video games, and download heavy files. All of it requires a minimum speed of 100Mbps to 200Mbps. If you are living in a big household and facing speed issues, make sure to upgrade your plan and opt for the high-speed one.

Your Router Needs a Restart

When facing speed issues, the majority of internet users without thinking for a while call customer support, which is not the right approach. At least, one should check at his/her own end to ensure that everything is working right.

If facing speed throttling issues, make sure to give your router a break. Unplug the power of your router and wait for at least a minute or a half. After that plugin your router or turn on the switch, and check whether it has improved some speed or not.

Disconnect Other Devices

When using the internet for streaming in 4K, gaming on high resolution, or downloading heavy files, you might face speed issues, resulting in buffering and lagging. Heavy internet activities normally consume a lot of bandwidth. But there are some other factors as well that will result in slow-speed internet.

You might not have disconnected other devices that are not in use such as your tablet or your 2nd smartphone. As long as they are connected to the internet, you might face speed issues. The reason is that most of these devices are running background apps that consume some amount of bandwidth. Accumulating bandwidth will result in speed throttling. If you have idle devices at your disposal, make sure to disconnect them instantly and find a gradual increase in speed.

Change Your Router’s Position

Internet users mostly connect their devices wirelessly for mobility and ease. Wireless signals are sometimes disrupted due to obstacles and hindrances. Changing the router’s position is the best way to get optimal speed.

Normally the ideal placement for the router is the center of the house. Place your router in the living area and make sure it is in the open space. Setting up the router in an enclosed space might hinder the signals to reach every part of the house. If you are living in a big house, you can also buy a range extender so that signals can reach every nook and corner of the house. Moreover, avoid placing the router near electronic devices such as microwave and radio transmitting objects.

Check Your Data Caps

Heavy internet usage consumes a large amount of bandwidth. If your service provider is not offering unlimited data caps, you might need to consider switching to another service provider. Alternatively, you can also purchase a plan that offers so much amount of data that would fulfill your requirements.

House of streamers, gamers, and downloaders need to check data usage to avoid hefty charges for buying extra data. If you want to avoid those hassles, try to find out service providers in your area offering unlimited data caps. Or go for the plan that offers plenty of data caps to cater to your monthly requirements.

Contact Customer Support

Even after trying the aforementioned tips, if you are unable to fix the internet speed issue, the last resort is to contact customer support. You can check the customer support page of your service provider and call them to get assistance. Even if that does not solve the problem, the best way is to look for another option and cut off the services.

Summing Up

Here are some of the quick fixes to resolve speed issues. Try these hacks to get your internet back to normal and continue using the internet without any disruption.


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