7 Steps to Keep the Environment Clean


It is our moral obligation to keep our surroundings clean. Every day we use plastic, rubber, metal, styrofoam, textiles, etc. But, we do not think where all the items are being discarded. Are they even being disposed of well or not?

Now we will elaborate on some ways for the betterment of the environment.

Use Garbage Cans

This is not a difficult task to throw the garbage in the dustbin. It will keep the area clean. Moreover, if you do not throw the garbage in the specified place, it will spread odor.

Spread Green

It must be compulsory for everyone to plant a tree and take care of it until it becomes properly shady. It will be a gift from elders to youngers.

Plants give us many benefits. They produce oxygen for all livings. Also, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Moreover, greenery produces peace and calmness in your mood by reducing stress and anxiety. Furthermore, they produce fruits and vegetables that are the main source of food.

4Rs Strategy

According to this strategy, you can Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, and Reduce the products.

  • Buy products that are not disposable. You can reuse the product just by washing or cleaning in. For example, glass containers, melamine plates, metal spoons, eco-friendly bags, etc.
  • Recycling is environmentally friendly. It is an amazing and inexpensive task. You can recycle plastic, paper, metal, etc.
  • It is the best thing to refuse single-use items. These products only create a massive amount of irreplaceable debris. So, try to avoid straws, disposable cutlery, water bottles, etc.
  • Sometimes you can not refuse to use such an item. For instance, in some emergency or shortage, you have to use these products but at least you can reduce the usage. So, in this way, you will give a huge favour to your environment.

Burn less Fuel

All of us must reduce the composition of fuel. Ride a bicycle, walk or use public transport instead of driving your car. This is because the burning of fuel damages the ozone layer and make the atmosphere pollutant. Moreover, many other chemicals can destroy plants and trees.

Inspire Others

You are responsible to teach others if they are not doing well. Make yourself an inspiration for others. Always try to keep your surroundings clean and tell others to do the same. People will automatically learn by observing your act.

Run Campaign

Fix a day once a month to clean your area. Ask your friends and family to gather the people at a specific place. Motivate them and spread awareness about cleanliness. Also, introduce them to eco-friendly brands. Moreover, teach them the disadvantages of the products that cannot be decomposed or disposed of easily.

Decomposition or Dumping

Make sure that the waste is being decomposed or dumped to the right place. Most of us do not even bother to know about this process. However, it is an important point and we should be aware of it.

Raise your voice and communicate with every possible person. If you do not make efforts, you will not be able to clean your environment. Also, keeping the area clean will make you healthy. So, stay motivated.


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