Lawyers: How to Make Your Landing Pages Convert


There are several tricks to increase your website’s conversions significantly. Most of them are as easy as making things user-friendly. Keep reading to learn five simple tricks to get more out of your practice’s website.

1) Phone Number

The most important is to make your phone number extremely easy to see. It should be at the top of every page. Put it in the right-hand corner because most people look there first.

Most of your website’s visitors want to find your contact info. Making your phone number easier for them to see makes them more willing to do business with you.

Use characters that are quite big compared to the rest of the content. There should also be a call-to-action like “Call now for a free consultation!”

Avoid being fancy with your phone number. Don’t do things like posting your customized phone number as letters. For example, many attorney pages post something like “1-800-Go-Law.” Things like this will confuse the average person. Keeping it simple is always the best option for conversion rate optimization.

2) Easy to Navigate

You are also going to want to make your Contact Us page very visible. This will make it a lot easier for people. A large chunk of website users prefer sending inquiries through the Contact Us form. Making it difficult for them to do this will lower your conversion rate.

Contact forms should always ask users for their:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

You may add other info you might want to know about your potential clients. Feel free to customize the contact form based on your area of practice. It will also help you pre-qualify leads. This will save time since you’ll have most of the info you need before making that phone call.

Your menu should also be user-friendly. This means having individual pages for each of your services. This will make it clear what services you offer. Many people hover over your drop-down menu to get a quick idea about you.

3) Buttons Make Conversions Skyrocket

Another powerful tactic is adding buttons all over the page. Well-designed buttons make it obvious what people need to do. The words on the buttons should be clear calls to action.

Some examples are:

  • “Learn more!”
  • “Contact us now!”
  • “Call now!”

The buttons should stand out against the background of the website. That’s why most websites tend to use the color red for notifications, buttons, and other essential features. Bright colors get the user’s attention and spur a feeling of urgency.

4) Use Strong Visual Effects Like Photos and Buttons

Your pages should have large high-resolution pictures related to law. You can also add photos to your homepage or About Us page. These pictures could be of your office or team. High-quality headshots also help quite a bit. Here are some tips for taking professional photos.

People like to buy from people. Many law sites are very cold and basic. Your site can stand out by offering more than just long pages of words. Make it personal.

Use authoritative colors for the colors of your site. Blue evokes feelings of trust and authority. That is why many police officers have blue uniforms. Dark colors also tend to project a sense of professionalism.

But your whole website doesn’t have to be blue or dark colors. Just keep in mind when you want to evoke different subconscious emotions. For example, the site can have blue headers to help certain things stand out.

5) Use Tracking Software

You should also install tracking software. Google Analytics is free software that almost every website should have, no matter what. Google Analytics will show you how long people spend on your site, what they are more interested in, what links they’ve accessed, and more.

You’ll also see where they tend to come from what they’re doing. Google Analytics also shows how many pages per visit. This kind of info gives you helpful insight into what is going on on your website.

You’re also going to want to put maybe a higher-end tracking software. These types of tracking software may range from $50 a month and up. They’ll give you a lot more details on how many people are there what exactly they’re doing.

A great example of this is the heat map in software. It shows you where people’s computer mouse is moving when on your site. This data tells you what users focus on the most. You can use that information to re-engineer your site with more advanced features too.

Get the Most Out of Your Site

Using the best conversion practices increases your website’s lead generation. Minor changes can make things easier for your users. People have little patience for confusing things. Click here if you want to learn more about how to capture leads with a well-designed custom landing page.


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