Main Features Which React Developer Should Know


React is a JavaScript library. Nowadays it’s well-known as a web interface development tool. It’s used almost everywhere. The results of use are great, so the reputation of the solution is huge. It allows you to create the structure of a software project, has certain templates, and the ability to change them. Such a tool makes the task of developers easier, helps to solve it easier and faster.

ReactJS is characterized by specific functionality. There should be some pieces of knowledge to use it. People who create React applications are called “React developers”. Large companies and social networks use their services. You will learn about the details of this very popular and promising profession before hire react developer.

React developer: Who is it and What it does

React Developer is a user interface programmer using React. He owns all the features and nuances of this framework. Key features of React:

  • Using the composition of components written by different people who will work together;
  • Creation of abstractions;
  • Availability for the developers of any level of preparation;
  • Unchanged stability of the API, so the new applications can be created easily and with the guaranteed result;
  • Compatibility with other non-React code;
  • The ability to plan and break down work into parts;
  • Comfortable development process;
  • The ability to find the source of the error in the codebase;
  • Great visualization possibilities;
  • The use for mobile apps creation.

Another tool that such a specialist needs to master is HTML. It is a hypertext markup language for the Internet. Browsers, reading this language, interpret it and display it as a generated document. This is necessary for its structuring and correct display for everyone on the Internet.

CSS is an associated language. The main aim here is to describe the appearance of a document. It was from the beginning written in HTML. These are cascading style sheets that infuse markup with design elements. Therefore, these are great options, used together for site layout.

The vast majority of such developers should:

  • Know the functions of the JavaScript programming language;
  • Understand the component approach;
  • Use React and its API;
  • Know the basic patterns;
  • Possess the skills of layout;
  • Work with the DOM;
  • Understand the basics of functional programming;
  • Know English;
  • Work in a team.

This profession is gaining popularity, and it cannot be called simple. It is possible to master JavaScript and the basics of layout on your own, but this will require the involvement of experienced specialists in this field. In order to create a user interface, you need to represent all stages of development.

What skills are needed

Professional JavaScript development is the stage in a career when a developer knows a lot and already knows how to use a lot of technologies. React slightly increases the list of necessary knowledge, but at the same time allows you to move to a new career level and earn much more.

Web technologies. The minimum that any front-end developer needs: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass or Less, Webpack. React developers need to know how to manage component state using Redux and test component using Enzyme

Frameworks. Knowledge of additional frameworks helps either to increase the number of tasks at the current place of work, or to find a new one, as more vacancies will be available. List of frameworks: Angular, Vue, Svelte.

Additional libraries.

State management: Redux, MobX, RxJS.

Routing: React Router.

Styling: CSS Modules, styled-components

Working with time: Date-fns.

Server requests: Axios.

Application testing. Large companies have separate teams of testers, but at the beginning of a career in small studios, a developer can be his own tester. To successfully test your code, you need to know the React Testing Library, Mocha, Jest, Karma, VCS, understand what Unit tests are, and master the TDD methodology.


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