Sponsorship Activations: How to Make the Most of Your Next Live Sponsorship Event


Most companies agree that as important as online advertising has become, live events remain one of the most important parts of their marketing success. There is no replacing the value of making in-person connections and talking to potential consumers out in the world. One of the best ways of accomplishing that is through sponsorship activations.

Sponsorships are the fast track to finding your audiences. Sponsoring an event immediately associates your brand with the values that the event represents. Whether it’s sports, music, film, theatre, a street fair, or a community event, event sponsorship allows brands to immediately zero in on a target demographic.

There are plenty of benefits to sponsorship marketing. It provides an opportunity to create alignment between your strategy and the event. It’s a chance to generate customer goodwill toward your brand. It also gives you the focused attention of the customer. The opportunity to conduct an activation is also among the top benefits of sponsorships.

As you embark on your next sponsorship campaign, consider these strategies for making the most of live, in-person sponsorship activations.

Interactive Installations

Get guests involved with an interactive installation that gives them a chance to play, explore, and learn more. You can incorporate touch and gesture control, Augmented Reality, QR code triggers, and all kinds of gamification experiences using interactive display rentals.

Portable digital billboards are the perfect solution for an interactive installation. They can be set up anywhere quickly and easily and allow you to custom-design an interactive experience that will show off your brand.

Rest and Relaxation

Sometimes at big events, the crowds, energy, and excitement can wind up feeling like a bit much. Sponsors can fill an important niche by providing a brief break from the chaos. Consider events like:

  • Lounge areas where guests can sit and take a breather.
  • Shade or cooling stations, especially for summer music festivals.
  • Fun photo opportunities and social photo booths where guests have the space they need.

Sponsors can even integrate fun activities into their relaxation zones. Incorporate something that fits your brand.

Essentials: Water, Wi-fi, and Charging

What does everyone need at an outdoor event on a hot summer day? A chance to cool down, charge their phone, and check in on social media. Brands offering free essentials like water, Wi-fi, and a chance to charge mobile devices generate a lot of goodwill from event guests.

When they offer something like free Wi-fi, they can also use it as an opportunity for data capture, such as an email address.

Food and Beverages

Everyone loves a giveaway, and free food or drinks at a big event will always be a welcome surprise. Attendees will quickly gravitate toward your activation. Food and beverage companies can use the opportunity to drum up excitement about a new product, but you don’t have to be a food or beverage company to take advantage of giveaways like these. You can also create a branded experience by sponsoring a pop-up coffee shop, bar, or takeaway spot. It helps if you find exciting local partners to work with to provide a buzzworthy experience.

Make the most of your next sponsorship activation by making it exciting, filling a need, and integrating an interactive element.


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