How to Market Your Artistic Talents


While many forms of talent are easy to market because there is a clearly designated path to follow, not all talents are easy to market.

If you are a professional, such as a lawyer, doctor, or accountant, you can follow a well-established career trajectory. If you’re talented at administering, supervising, organizing, marketing, or selling, you can find plenty of positions that suit you in the corporate world. And if you’re skillful at a trade, such as plumbing or carpentry, there are some straightforward steps you can take to find work or start your own business.

But what do you do if you have artistic talents? Say, you can paint realistic portraits or breathtaking landscapes, or you can write heart-warming poetry, or you know how to pen thought-provoking essays, or you can bring stories to life through the subtle inflections of your vocal cords as you narrate a book?

Here are some ways you can market talent that is not mainstream:

Ask for a Shout-Out

A Chicago-based company called Cameo, backed by TCG investors, can connect you with a celebrity in your field who will give you a personalized shout-out. Essentially, you can buy their time and influence to help you with your business promotion. If, for example, you’re a struggling writer trying to get more people to read your first novel, a shout-out by a famous author who has reviewed your book might just be the push you need to get the recognition necessary to launch a full-time career as a novelist.

Build a Portfolio Website

We now live in a marvelous world. You no longer need to invite influential people to your studio or send out samples of your work to thought leaders who might agree to help you grow your business. Instead, you can showcase your most important work online with a beautiful portfolio website. What’s more, you don’t even have to hire a web designer to do it for you. Many hosting accounts provide easy-to-use website building software that makes the technology invisible. In addition, they provide you with professionally designed templates that you can customize. If you know how to point and click with a mouse and follow simple directions, you have all the skills you need to build a portfolio website to showcase your brand, design, writing, or art.

Network in Your Field

If you dread networking, you’re not alone, but if you change your perspective, it might change your life. Perhaps you resist the idea of networking, arguing that it’s time-consuming, awkward, and physically exhausting. Perhaps you also argue that you don’t have enough time in the day to get all your work done. Perhaps, too, you don’t have the patience to indulge in small talk at vapid cocktail parties. However, developing a strong professional network in your field could be the career break you need to flourish in your artistic career. So, rather than thinking of networking as a chore and a drain on your time and energy, it might be more productive to learn how to become an effective networker. Many books and online courses are available to teach you how to effectively network with people online and offline to build your career.

You can succeed in any field, even if your talents don’t fit into the category of a mainstream career. Think of it this way: as a creative, you are doing the world a disservice by not showcasing your talents, especially when you consider that in the digitally-oriented world we now live in, it has never been easier to connect with others to share your artistic journey and accomplishments. Some simple ways to promote your talents include asking an influencer for a shout-out, showcasing your work on a portfolio website, and learning how to network effectively.


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