Scaling Your Student Business: How Do You Know It’s Time to Expand?


The standard scenario is that you graduate from college, and only then you will start your business. Before graduation, you need to learn everything you need for your future ventures from your studies and odd jobs that you take to pay for tuition or rent. All in all, following the scenario is an extremely valuable experience for some, and feels like hell for others. 

Of course, there are students who succeed both in studies and odd jobs. But most students find themselves in a limbo. Studies have to be skipped in order to fulfill your odd job duties. Most of your earnings from odd jobs are spent on ordering from some essay writing service, so your grades won’t suffer from the constant lack of time to do the writing assignments. And the future doesn’t look too bright.

But why wait, when you can start your business as a student? There are various business options for students. Online tutoring business, virtual assistance service, online advertising platforms, and event planning services. Considering how often students turn to presentation writer, launching one is also a great business idea. To start and maintain your business, you need to:

  • Research the industry
  • Have a plan
  • Stay organized
  • Build a team of experts
  • Set goals
  • Stay motivated
  • Know when to expand

Research the industry to figure out if you can offer something new. Plan how you’re going to enter the industry. All of that requires a lot of organization. You need to build a team of experts. In case you want to go with a custom writing service, you need a team, as one essay writer a writing service doesn’t make. Set your goals, and stay motivated to reach them. If everything goes well, you may expand your business. But how to know when to expand? Let’s check out the main signs.

Sustainable Profitability

The main objective of any business is to remain profitable. How can you consider expansion, if your small business doesn’t bring satisfying profits? Now, being profitable is not breaking even, it’s always learning more than you’ve spent. Also, we are talking about sustainable profitability during longer periods. Some businesses start well, but their profitability starts to stagnate within several months.

If you experience stable profitability for a year or two, your business model is successful. Mind it’s not a screaming sign that you need to expand right away. But it’s a clear sign that you should consider expanding. Your business model proved its success on a small scale, why not check out how it will work on a larger one? Succeeding in this venture means even more profit.

Skyrocketing Leads

Your website traffic is quite important, and it serves as a good indicator of your success or the lack of it. There are several ways to ensure your traffic. Using paid ads, SEO tools, video ads, and, hey, some are still using print ads. And you can rely on word of mouth, as well. All that can generate good leads. 

The sure sign that you can think about expansion, is when your inbound leads skyrocket without aggressive marketing. Of course, you do spend something on a marketing campaign. But a spike in leads without a new marketing campaign means that your business generates interest from prospective customers on its own. Expand, and use your marketing budget on promoting your business elsewhere.

Having an Incredible Team

When it comes to small businesses, it’s always a small group of people involved in some serious multitasking. Most likely you are handling several tasks simultaneously, and your employees are doing the same. If your business is successful, it means that all of you are great at doing multiple tasks. It also signifies that you can easily expand. 

Although it varies from business to business, expansion mostly comes with a lot of stress to a team. More and more responsibilities are getting delegated to various team members, as you get new tasks. But having an incredible team means that you won’t face any problems with expansion. You were able to handle various tasks previously, you are going to be able to do it now. 

Having Extra Money

One thing people frequently forget when thinking about expanding their small business is that it is quite costly. Yes, budgetary concerns are less strict, if you operate online, still you need to make sure that you have enough money to expand. Let’s say that you are heading one of those buy essay services, and you are planning to add a new department. 

Previously you only offered high school and college essays, and now, you want to offer dissertation services. It means you need to have extra money to add a landing page to your website, hire authors suitable for these services, and promote your new offer. But if your business displays sustainable profitability, you are unlikely to face any problems with that. 

Demand Exceeds Capacity

If you start facing more orders than you can handle, it means that you are close to becoming one of the best assignment services, tutoring businesses, online advertising platforms, or any other business you’ve built. That’s the main reason you have sustainable profitability and skyrocketing leads. That’s also a screaming sign that you need to expand your small business. 

But here you need to be careful. Just like with sustainable profitability, you need to wait for some time to make sure it’s not just a temporary increase in demand. If the increased demand continues for several months, it’s a clear indication that your product or service is great and that you need expansion. 

Final Thoughts

So, if you experience continuous success with customers, which ensures your business’s profitability, you’re going to have a budget to expand. Still, to afford that make sure that you have a great team, so you can delegate without thinking twice. The expansion will meet the high demand for your product or service and surely will bring larger profits.


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