The Importance of Video Animations for Your Brand


There is intense competition in almost all business industries. If you don’t try to catch up to the trend or do better than your competitors, they might outrank you, and you won’t get the sales you desire. Therefore, you have to make extensive efforts to make your brand stand out.

Creating the right video strategy can help you increase brand awareness to win against all your competitors. And animated visual content is one powerful marketing tool you can use for promotional, training, or explainer videos. However, some companies tend to choose live-action videos over animated ones for digital marketing. The reason is that live ones stimulate real life better.

But, making animated video content have so many benefits that your brand needs to reach out to your audience. In this article, we’ll discuss them.

What is an Animated Video?

An animated video is an original animation that can be created through drawings, illustrations, or effects on computers. Animators can do it in traditional ways or in 2Ds, 3Ds, motion graphics, and stop motion. It doesn’t stimulate real-life actions as good as the live-action videos. But it allows animators to be more creative and viewers to watch things that are much complex than what they see in real life.

While animated videos are great to use for video marketing, they are not simple to create. So if making animation videos are not your thing, you can always get the help of a video animation provider in Melbourne.

How can Animated Videos Help Your Brand?

Regardless of your business industry, including animation in your video production can help you make it successful. Here are the ways on how animated videos benefit your brand:

1.    Turn Complex Concepts Simple Ones

Instead of putting everything in an act, you can create animations to make your audience understand your complex message. Besides that, you can also create characters to portray roles easily and follow the concept you want.

2.    Make Your Production Less Stressful

Managing lots of people in live-action videos can be challenging. It’s not always easy to get people, including actors and actresses, to work together smoothly. In animated videos, you’ll have a less stressful video production. You just have to coordinate with the animators to follow the concept you desire. If you know how to animate, you don’t have to work and manage too many individuals.

3.    Customize Your Content

If you are creating animated explainer videos, you can customize your design and your content to get the project you like to achieve. Therefore, you will have the freedom to tell what you need in any way you want, as long as it’s appropriate for your audience.

4.    Save Money on Your Video Production

When shooting videos with people, you’ll have to pay for actors, essential personnel like make-up artists and hairstylists, equipment, and venue. But in animation, you get to avoid all those costs. All the characters and settings can be created as animations. You’ll only need to pay for your resources or if you will hire an animator to do your project.

5.    Make Your Video Interesting

Whether you’re creating an explainer video for your landing page, or social media content for your youtube channel, FB, or Instagram, it gets interesting with animation. Because animated videos allow brands to show their creativity, people tend to show more interest.

Tips to Make Your Animation Engaging

Not every animation can be successful. You’ll need to ensure that the entire video is entertaining to keep your audience engaged. To do that, here are some tips you can consider:

Choose the Right Animation Type

Like what we’ve discussed above, you can use different types of animation for your content. However, not all the types can be applicable for your purpose. Therefore, choose according to your concept or theme.

Use the Right Color Combination

When creating videos that are animated, it’s crucial to use the right colour combination. Ensure that all the colours you will use will be pleasing to see together. Otherwise, it won’t be visually appealing for your audience, and they might stop watching the content.

Make Your Concept Understandable

Sometimes, there are animators that tend to be overly creative with their content. But a complex content that the audience doesn’t understand won’t be engaging. When people don’t understand what message you are implying to your video, they won’t spend time watching it. So, keep things good but simple.

Get Expert Help

If you are an expert in animation, of course, you can create the content you desire. But if you think you need help with animating videos or just to lessen your workload, consider getting professional help to make things easier for you. When you find a good animator, things will get more convenient, and the project you want can be finished professionally.

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