Time and Temperature Indicators Matter to Protect People and Products 


If you have a shipment of something that’s time and/or temperature-sensitive, you need to know whether it’s getting to you the way it should. If not, it may be damaged in some way. That could happen through getting too hot or too cold, or it could happen because it was only good for a period of time and took too long to arrive. Either way, you’ll need to know before you agree to accept the shipment or use the goods for yourself or your customers. The good news is that there are ways to get the information you need.

Ascending Temperatures Could Mean Spoiled Goods

When products get too hot, they can go bad. But when you use a time/temperature indicator like https://spotsee.io/temperature/warmmark you won’t have to worry about that. You can see right away if the goods you’re receiving became too warm during shipment, which can give you a good idea of whether they’re spoiled or whether they’re still acceptable for use. It may not be easy to tell otherwise, which is why it’s so valuable to know if something became too warm while it was making its way to you or not.

If Something’s Too Warm, It May Not be Safe to Use

Even the best of refrigerated trucks aren’t always perfect, and things can go wrong. That’s where the https://spotsee.io/temperature/warmmark comes in. It can help you see the high temperature that your shipment reached, and the time it happened, as well as how quickly the temperature may have risen and whether it’s been warm for a long time. Some goods may be able to handle a short period of time at a warmer temperature, but you don’t want to take risks if you’re not sure how long the warmth has been a problem.

Especially with items like medication and food, getting too warm is a good way to cause damage. Then, using those things can make people sick. The products may have to be recalled, and the company could even be sued. Mishandling of items that need to be a particular temperature is a common problem. Fortunately, it’s one that can be worked around and adjusted for when you have a time/temperature indicator you can rely on.

Knowing the Temperature Quickly Matters

When you get a shipment, you don’t want to have to worry about the temperature. You want to be able to take a look at it quickly, and then move on with getting it unloaded if it’s at a good temperature and has stayed that way on its journey. You can quickly see whether you need to refuse a shipment that may have gotten too warm, or whether you can accept it and move on with your company’s day.

How Fast the Temperature Rose Could be Important

Not only is it important to make sure a temperature doesn’t get too hot, but it might also be important to make sure the temperature doesn’t rise too quickly. Some types of goods will accept more of a range of temperatures, but having a temperature that suddenly rises — even if it drops again — could add to the risk of damage or spoilage. The more you know about the time and temperature issues your shipment experienced, the more you can protect yourself from goods that aren’t going to be safe for consumption.

Never Accept Another Damaged Shipment Again

When you use https://spotsee.io/temperature/warmmark, you won’t have to worry about accepting a shipment that seems fine, only to find out it got too warm somewhere along the way and is now damaged. If you’re trying to avoid that kind of problem in the future, having a time/temperature sensor is among the best ways to do that. There’s no more relying on a person’s word that everything is good, or trying to guess whether the current temperature of the goods you received feels like it’s cool enough for you to accept.

Don’t Settle for Guessing Games Where Goods are Involved

Guessing games aren’t much fun when they’re related to whether you can accept a shipment of goods or whether they aren’t safe to use. Not only will that reduce any guesses you have to make about the quality of the goods you’re receiving, but you’ll also have more peace of mind to feel good about. Your company wants to make sure you’re taking good care of the employees and customers, and that can be easier when you know the safety of a shipment before you ever accept it. A good time/temperature sensor is the way to handle that, so you don’t have to worry about it again.


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